Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Aftermath - Week 7 Pre Op

After arriving home - it honestly took about 3-4 days before my mind was clear of the daze of the drugs, apparently thats normal.

My body felt like lead, muscles in my arms and legs ached (also apparently normal side effect).  Plus a sore neck where that bloody big needle was in me. The best position was standing, but with no energy I was predominantly in bed for the next 24 hours.

On the Sunday, more mobile, I baked to take my mind off things and keep busy (easier for me, and during this process I have grown to love baking - its like an escape).  Anyway, this is what I produced!

Firstly - My first attempt at a Christmas Fruit Cake - With a few dashes of Rum

Secondly - Hazelnut and caramel truffles - I did taste one - delicious :)

The weather had improved remarkably so those truffles had to be made quickly and chilled to help set.

In Week 7 I lost 2 more kilos - totalling 17.1 kilos lost - a bonus to everything else that happened.

On the Monday - had the day off - still too sore and out of it.  The anaestetist rang and explained what had happened and what was going to happen from there.  He stated that he was 99.9% sure I was allergic to the drug suxamethonium which is a muscle relaxant. It was pointed out to me, that I was in the right place to have the reaction, where it could be treated.  Anywhere else, and I would be dead.  Oh joy!  However I needed to wait 6 weeks for my cells to recharge to react to allergy testing.  Once it was confirmed, I could then have the operation with another suitable drug.  He also sent a letter outlining what happened and what not to give me in possible future situations. Arghhhhhh....more waiting!!!!!!  Now I know I am a teacher who has to be patient, but seriously - I am so not a patient person outside of work!!! 
The other thing is that I will now have to wear a medic alert bracelet, as it is the most popular drug of that type to use.  I have heard now they are a bit better looking that in years past.  I checked the website:


The bead ones are cool, although maybe not completely practical.  A bit of time to make that decision though!

What was nice though, was that the nurse from the Surgical Obesity Clinic rang to check I was ok and what happened. The dietician also emailed and was available to chat anytime.
We also returned to Boulcott which was weird - like the scene of the crime.  Everyone knew who I was, and me knew nobody - pretty intense.  Any who - got a refund for the time being.  Better in my account than theirs!
My department were lovely at school.  I got flowers and a card - very sweet.


Went back to school on Tuesday - too early.  I know people care, and I dont want to sound ungrateful, but I wish that other than my closer peeps at work, that everyone else would just leave me alone.  I also wish that I had a tape recorder that I could just play the story and walk away.  There were all the aww tilt head sideways.  You must be so disappointed (really...nooo I was stoked..WTF).  Some people at work are just plain nosey and dwelling on the negative.  I just wanted to move on, and the constant questions just got me depressed.  The students were really my saviour.  Being teens, its all about them - so while they cared that I was ok - it was quickly back to their dramas, nice.

I lasted the week - and made it to senior clearance and their leavers dinner on the Friday night.  One bonus - instead of liquids as pre planned - I could actually eat a normal meal.  I had carbs (kumara) for the first time in weeks and it was nice :)

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