Thursday, July 21, 2011

When it is a good thing to reach 40!

40 kilos lost that is!  Finally another mini goal.  I went to the dietician on Tuesday a few weeks shy of my 6 month - a - iversary for the check up on how things are going.

She was very pleased with my progress, and even though I said I felt I could be doing better and sometimes make better choices, she pointed out that I was still a perfectionist, but to remember it is ok not to be perfect all the time.  Hmmmm, some habits die hard.  I do feel better about myself now and my progress to date.  However, over the months since surgery I have also had confirmed for me again and again that it is a journey and not a short one.  The lap band is a tool, and as long as you use it appropriately - all good :)  The dietician was supportive of the Paleo eating way as well.  As she put it - can't really go wrong with fresh veges and animal protein.  Im still limiting the sugar and especially the bread. Im the first to say I used to be the bread queen - but now I do not even miss it.

Anyway, stoked to be over the 40 kilo hump.  Now have lost a total of 41.2 kilos (90.6 lbs).  Also now in the 120's - weighing in at 128.7kgs (283.1lbs).  Yay!

As my husband and I are going to Melbourne in the next school holidays, next goal is to get to 50 kilos lost by October 8th.  I have also got a self imposed ban on clothes shopping until then (essentials negotiable).  From all I have heard Melbourne has fabulous shopping - CANNOT WAIT!

So what weighs 41.2 kilos?

Some sort of compressor

Water Cooler/Ice Maker

This much cannibas!

This fish

And this wardrobe!

Again some adult people weigh this much too, but not healthily!

The crossfit is going awesome!  Apart from the flu last week, Im going 3 times a week.  I love it and missed it so much when I was sick.  Such a positive place to be.  Im getting stronger and stronger, and maybe even a little more coordinated ;).  Have managed to get my name on the leaders boards for the Shoulder press, clean and jerk, back squat, bench press and another one can't remember at present - love it! :)

Hope all is well in blogland.  Im reading lots of blogs and have been trying to comment, but something isn't working for me there and it errors and wont let me.  Been happening for a couple of weeks. Can anyone help with this?

On a side note - got assessed for adoption on Monday.  After three hours of questioning about our lives (quite intense), the social worker said she had no reason to not put us forward for approval to go on to the next stage of putting a profile together and going into the selection pool.  A long process, but its going forward!  Cute thing last week at school was that one of my students asked me if I wanted to adopt him - said it would be cool to have two lots of parents :) - oh how the teenage mind works!


  1. You go, girlfriend! You have lost a whole wardrobe! It always amazes me just picturing you walking around with whatever object/animal you have lost tied to your back. It helps to remember that when you see skinny people looking at you critically when they're not as tired as you are after climbing stairs or whatever. "Put a wardrobe on your back and see how smug you are!"

    Melboure shopping will be awesome :)

    Being in the 120s must feel good. I reckon that's a great mile-stone.

  2. Great work Cassie. Way to keep moving forward.

    Health, shopping, babies, life is good.

  3. I love the visual comparisons! I should look that up for myself.
    Congrats on the adoption process. So exciting!

  4. How sweet what that boy said! I'm so happy for you and your husband moving forward with the adoption!

    Yeah for 40 kg.!

  5. You've lost an extremely impressive amount of weight, Miss Cassie! I'm super proud of you. I'm thinking about trying out this Paleo lifestyle, as well. It seems like it's going well for you. :) I'm gonna have to get some more information...maybe a book or something.

    Good luck with the adoption process, it's amazing that you're doing that! :)