Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 30 - I did it!

Day 30!  I have actually done it!

Breakfast:  Breakfast Slice

Lunch: Roast Vegetable salad with avocado and made with red curry paste - awesome!

Dinner:  Steak, guacamole and homemade chicken and vegetable soup

Lots of water

Long black this morning

A lot more coffee today

Counsellor took us out for coffee

What is a long black?

Teaching good!

Guidance meeting - bleh!  A lot of negativity.  Some the cracks in student behaviour are starting to show - starting to see more of the discipline side of Deaning - interestingly enough - it is the teachers that annoy me more than the students.

Crossfit - not feeling the love tonight.

Bench Press:
45, 50, 52.5, 55 (fail), 53.5 (PR)

Back Squat was 60kg - speed work

Finish with 3 Rounds For Time of:
12 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
9 Power Cleans 50/35kg

Metcon: 5.03 – scaled pushups/dips inside of muscle ups. Horrible cleans – need to drop weight and work on technique ;(
Interestingly usually the gym helps my mood.  I felt so crap afterwards tonight - more it just felt with the poor technique and the guidance meeting - I had just had enough of the day!
How do I feel doing the Whole 30?  In general - good.  Initially really tired, but energy came in the second week.  My skin cleared up a fair bit.  My husband said my moods were better and more balanced.  I feel I have lost size, but will see on Saturday when we get remeasured.  The food is alright, just have to experiment a bit more to get the variety in and beat the boredom that it has the potential to be.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 29

One day until 30 days!

Breakfast - Omlette slice

Lunch - leftover kumara coriander salad (Yum)

Dinner - Turkish Kebab from Kilim - not eating the tortilla just the inside)

Soda water and lemon, lots of water, and only 2 coffees today :)

Work busy, classes in full swing, lots to do.  Deaning is full on!  A steep learning curve - can't say Im enjoying it yet - Im sure with time - Ill get used to it!

Got home, still worked, but good to sit down and chill after a while. 

No exercise today - need to work on balancing work and life again

Dogs still under quarantine but getting better.  Should be able to take them out walking tomorrow.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 28

Monday - Waitangi Day - Day off :).  Although only  back at work for a week or so - could not come at a better time!
Layla on the improve but still got a disturbing cough - not quite like the goose honk she had yesterday though!  More a hacky sort of thing, but the tail is still wagging so she'll be fine.

A welcome arrival of Nicky and Jamies Baby 'Pea'  - baby boy. Thorfinn George Irvine weighing 3.68 kilos.  All is well :)

Time to go shopping for a baby present.  As much as I actually like buying cool trendy clothes for my friends/families babies - I do wish I was buying for my own wee bubba - all in good time hopefully.

Food wise:


Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and free range pork sausage - good!

Snack - almonds

A bit of water

Dinner - Kumara coriander salad and grilled steak

Made some cheese and sultana scones (not together of course) for the hubby and ma in law - proud to say did not touch one - although they smelt damn good!

No exercise today - a pretty lazy day

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 27


Layla has kennel cough - not a lot of sleep last night looking after the wee mite.  Poor thing - because of her sociable nature with other dogs when on walks she must have caught it from one of the fellow beach dogs.  Honey because of her obsession with balls and sticks - doesnt care for other dogs so she seems fine at the moment.  A visit to to vet and some jabs and drugs - Layla seems to be on the improve - although both are under quarantine to the house for 2-3 days and only small walks without other dogs around for about a week.  No beach for a while :(

Bacon and egg omlette for breakfast plus coffee

Visited the ma in law after going to the vets - the dogs love her :)

Had some more coleslaw and bacon for lunch

A nice nap in the afternoon got me through the rest of the day, even did some school work and got stuff completed - not at the last minute

Lamb roast and roast kumara and brocoli for dinner - a little gravy to make it go down better.

A bit of water- don't seem to drink as much at the weekend

Had herbal tea at night.

Easy to sleep tonight after not a lot last night!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 26

Yay Saturday!

Early start off to the gym to help with relocating the gym to Petone to a bigger place!  Firstly on coffee duty with Faye to Shine Cafe in the Hutt.  Never knew this cafe existed!   Looked pretty good - will be going back to try their food! Coffee was also pretty good :)

Helped with moving then unloading and putting stuff where it belongs.

Breakfast was the last of the first breakfast slice - all good :)

Lunch was a couple of rashers of bacon and eggs - yum!

Dinner was out with friends - Indian - not paleo exactly but did my best - had only water, but some onion bhaji, lamb, and chicken for entrees.

For mains we shared curries - I had only the curries with limited sauce (unfortunately I could taste the sweet sugar in a couple of them) and no naan or rice.  What was good was that while the others were stuffed afterwards - I was just content.  Like I said not perfect, but Im not going to be one of those people who don't go to see their friends for dinner because they can't have the food.  Im just not like that sorry!

A lovely herbal tea and some taboo pictionary with friends afterwards.  Good catch up!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 25

Friday!  And I slept for almost 9 hours last night - wow that is so unheard of for me!  Felt good though :)

A little better at school today - had a bit of time to breathe (for a couple of minutes anyway) and actually sat down to lunch, which nobody actually bothered me with Dean stuff during! Yay!

Liking my classes so far - seem like good kids - early days though ;)

Breakfast was breakfast slice and coffee then an extra one from Alicetown Espresso

Lunch - Roast vege salad - something different from lettuce - was lovely and filling!

Dinner was Grilled Steak and salad - pretty healthy and good after a tiring Crossfit class

Quiet night on the homefront - actually caught up on some tv with the dogs - actually a nice way to finish the working week.  Some of the guilty pleasure view such as Kardashians and the second series of Gossip Girl - I love that programme..he he.

Cross fit was
Deadlift 5 x 5
Then 5 Rounds For Max Reps of: 30 sec Burpees 30 sec REST 30 sec Sit Ups 30 sec REST

Wasn't feeling the love on the deadlifts.  During the WOD actually did real burpees!  A little slow but got there!  Was shattered afterwards.  Work definitely drains some of the energy I had in the holidays!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 24

School is taking over my life - not sure if Im liking that!  Hope for a change in a few weeks.

Today was my full day today
4 classes, house meeting, duty and meeting with parent and filming after school!  Phew! Favourite parting the filming for our house assembly in a couple of weeks.  Was a lot of fun :)

Breakfast:  Breakfast Slice and coffee, plus a long black on the way to work :)

Lunch - Salad and Tuna

Dinner - Kebab - did not eat flat bread - had mixed meat and veges inside it, with some beetroot sauce to make sure it went down plus water of course.

No exercise today.

No work was taken home tonight.  I needed some time out so went to the movie - Chronicle - had a cup of cashews (heated with a little salt) not the best choice but it cured my hunger for a couple of hours until dinner and had lots of water in the movie.

It was good movie a little like Cloverfield in the filming but an interesting storyline.  Made me wonder what I would do if I had all that power...

Going to bed at an incredibly early time for me tonight - 930 - lets see if I sleep until morning.  Lets hope!