Monday, June 27, 2011

Still amongst the living!

I am still alive...really I am.  So much going on lately and the blogging has slipped badly.  Not just the blog but there seems to be a lot that I need to get around to doing, and just hasn't happened yet.  Well 3 weeks now until term break (2 weeks off school....I swear teachers are more excited than the kids).  So Im hoping to tick many things off my to do list.

The last month has been pretty crazy.   Not all can be mentioned here in the blogging realm, but when things seemed to calm down, something else pops up.  The WOW and OH MY GOD factor has been pretty huge in some cases.  However to update on some events:


I entered my Weightlifting competition.  It was a blast!  Well run and so many awesome women (and men helping out) and supporters (Thanks Hubby, Riki and Kate for the cheers and support).  In the kilo for kilo competition, still too heavy to warrant even considering placing, but in the overall lifting I worked out I came 10th= out of 31 contestants!  Stoked and with only about 6 weeks proper training, I figure I can do a lot better next year :)  In the morning I got a photo taken in my gears, and compared it to my initial photo - quite a change there, as seen below.

October 2010

June 2011
Other pics from Bad As:


The next day after the competition I flew to Dunedin (where my parents are) to help look after Dad post-op.  While I thought I would have quite a bit of down time, that didn't happen.  So it was a good thing that I forgot most of my work I was meant to do down there.  My Dad had his op, had his colon resected, and is healing pretty well almost 4 weeks on.  He has to go through chemo once he heals completely as a precaution as there may be still some cancerous cells lurking.  However, he is getting better every day.  Im so happy for the outcome.  It was a great time to spend a lot of quality Dad-Daughter time together.  I took him out for coffees etc and he loved it.  Even helping with a spot of clothes shopping.  I introduced him to the 'Man Chair' outside the changing rooms - he loved that and all the commentary coming from the changing rooms.  Valued memories I will treasure :)

Had a few times to see a couple of friends and got to meet my best friends new bub - Isla at only 2 weeks old, and of course big older bro - Otis - 2.


With all that has been going on, I was still doing the paleo challenge.  Have completed that and managed to lose about 3.4 kilos.  New ways of eating now, still always a learning process, and a constant battle with that sugar craving.  I have lost the lethargy feeling and feeling more awake and energised.  I did stay on Step 1 for the majority but have laid off the bread and grains.  Im please to say bread just does not appeal to me. With all the busy times at the moment and a lot of stress with work and family, I feel eating this way and exercising has got me through it better than I would have coped a year ago with the extra weight and the less than desirable lifestyle I had.  What a difference a year makes.

I made a paleo meal during the challenge consisting of:

Butternut Pumpkin Soup with Cayenne Pepper (and then a bit of coconut milk as put in too much pepper!)

Beef Burgundy

Walnut and Honey Biscuits

Invited the mother in law around and of course husband had some and they loved it.  No biscuits left either!Not so skeptical now....well maybe!

In the weight loss department have now lost 37.4 kilos (82.3 pounds).  At this point when I look for images, there are a lot of pictures of anorexic people - not so ideal.  But I have lost the weight of a giant leopard!

I started proper crossfit classes on Saturday and my muscles are certainly aware of the workout, and Im going back tomorrow.  I did the class which involved a warm up then the workout called 'Cindy' which I scaled to 5 body rows (normally pull ups), 10 scaled press ups and 15 squats - continuing to rounds of that for 20 mins.  Awesome but intense!  This was followed by an hour of lifting, flipping etc of heavy stuff - fun :)

Can't wait for the holidays to focus on weight loss and exercise without distractions.  I now have a new goal in sight.  My husband and I booked tickets to Melbourne for a 2 week holiday in the next lot of holidays.  I want to lose at least 10 kilos before then!  Its just over 3 months away - I think totally do-able. So excited for the holiday though!  Great shopping there.

Briefly on other things.  More friends having babies, another 2 couple friends of ours got engaged, been to baby shower today (I try but really they are not my thing - maybe it helps if you are a mother??).  My husband and I are going for adoption at the moment and go under further assessment in a couple of weeks.  While the process is long, its ticking away.  My too big clothes are piling up - another thing to do is to clear out the wardrobe, and put on Trade Me (Melbourne will be great for clothes shopping).  Except for essentials, I will hold off on buying clothes until there.  Also booked in to see a psychologist at the clinic to help with everything that is going on in my life at present and how to keep on track with eating.  Not sure if I need a fill either - I feel Im on the cusp of one.

Hope all is well with you all!


  1. Wow Cassie! Your life has been busy and you are kicking butt on the healthy-living front. You look great!!!!! :)

  2. 10th place out of 31 contestants? You're a rockstar, Cassie. And what a difference in your body in the past few months, you look great. :)

    So glad to hear about the good outcome on your father's surgery, and that you got to see friends - that's always a good week.

    WOW, a whole leopard! That's impressive. Thank you for not posting a picture of the anorexic people, that would be depressing!

    Good luck at the psychologist's office, I hope it goes well. :)