Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When the effort pays off!

Just a quick post.  The school ball was on Saturday night.  This time last year, I went to the ball also.  This time last year - I was probably at my biggest, and another couple of months from starting this whole process and five months from surgery.  One year down the track - all the effort I have made over the last year is finally showing :)



Me and Fiona 2010
Me and Fiona 2011


  1. The difference is amazing, you look beautiful.

  2. Awesome job! Looks like Fiona dropped some serious poundage too. You both look amazing.

  3. What a beautiful transformation!! You look terrific!

  4. (Fiona posting as Sam cos it won't let me log in...)

    Thanks FitBy40. Of course I cheated by having a baby! I think I was only about 3 months in that pic though, so maybe you are right. :)

  5. WOWZA!! You look FANTASTIC...SO DOES FIONA! You look SO MUCH YOUNGER!! Which is a benefit from weight loss that I hadn't thought much about until someone told me the same thing...and it is so true with you too!! Congrats!!! Sexy thang in the house!