Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 30 - I did it!

Day 30!  I have actually done it!

Breakfast:  Breakfast Slice

Lunch: Roast Vegetable salad with avocado and made with red curry paste - awesome!

Dinner:  Steak, guacamole and homemade chicken and vegetable soup

Lots of water

Long black this morning

A lot more coffee today

Counsellor took us out for coffee

What is a long black?

Teaching good!

Guidance meeting - bleh!  A lot of negativity.  Some the cracks in student behaviour are starting to show - starting to see more of the discipline side of Deaning - interestingly enough - it is the teachers that annoy me more than the students.

Crossfit - not feeling the love tonight.

Bench Press:
45, 50, 52.5, 55 (fail), 53.5 (PR)

Back Squat was 60kg - speed work

Finish with 3 Rounds For Time of:
12 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
9 Power Cleans 50/35kg

Metcon: 5.03 – scaled pushups/dips inside of muscle ups. Horrible cleans – need to drop weight and work on technique ;(
Interestingly usually the gym helps my mood.  I felt so crap afterwards tonight - more it just felt with the poor technique and the guidance meeting - I had just had enough of the day!
How do I feel doing the Whole 30?  In general - good.  Initially really tired, but energy came in the second week.  My skin cleared up a fair bit.  My husband said my moods were better and more balanced.  I feel I have lost size, but will see on Saturday when we get remeasured.  The food is alright, just have to experiment a bit more to get the variety in and beat the boredom that it has the potential to be.

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  1. The crossfit thing sounds so full on... lucky there's none near me, so I don't even have to decide if I want to punish myself that much! Your fitness must have improved so much. Great effort!