Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 29

One day until 30 days!

Breakfast - Omlette slice

Lunch - leftover kumara coriander salad (Yum)

Dinner - Turkish Kebab from Kilim - not eating the tortilla just the inside)

Soda water and lemon, lots of water, and only 2 coffees today :)

Work busy, classes in full swing, lots to do.  Deaning is full on!  A steep learning curve - can't say Im enjoying it yet - Im sure with time - Ill get used to it!

Got home, still worked, but good to sit down and chill after a while. 

No exercise today - need to work on balancing work and life again

Dogs still under quarantine but getting better.  Should be able to take them out walking tomorrow.

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