Sunday, February 13, 2011

Post Op week 2 - I lost a Layla!

For those of you who don't know, Layla is our youngest dog (20 months).  My weight loss this week was 1.2 kilos - I was slightly gutted....why?  I thought I would lose more.  Too used to the 2 kilo a week, now back to reality and actually having some food of the pureed description.  On the more positive side, Layla weighs 28 kilos, so I lost her weight plus 500g (so a block of butter).  Yay!

16 days since surgery.  I'm doing alright.  In the last week I made it to work the whole working week!  That was my big goal after being slightly too ambitious the week before.  I have been made aware though just how much I do move around at school/teaching.  I tried to force myself to sit down and make students come to me - didn't work.  I like to be more interactive and talk to them.  Sitting up the front just made me feel isolated from the class. can keep a better eye on what is going on amongst the masses and that they are actually doing their is high school after all.

A bit of a come down this week from the op.  Felt a bit bleh.  Got sick of the pureed foods after about three days.  Tired of being just plain exhausted.  Only managed a couple of walks and a PT session this week (more walking) - frustrating as I got fit before the op. 

For foods - hubby did make me lovely combos, having little cottage pies in a ramekin dish (minced up chicken/vege) and vege topping (not potato).  I advanced onto hummus and cruskits for lunch - 2-3 of them.  Sometimes having lite yoghurt and 1/2 banana too.  That was about it.  I was satisfied.  While I say that - I did start to get physically hungry at times this week (rumbles in the tum, and feeling hungry sick), so knew I had to eat.  Routine of school makes it hard - something I have to work at.

Consequences of the new regime - being blocked up - that so sucks - Benefiber and alpine tea to the rescue.  Apparently according to the dietitician - normal and should ease when back on real food.

Next week - soft foods.  This means food you can cut with the side of a fork.  Veges have to be cooked well.  Still nothing too high in carbs (Potatoes etc), no bread, and no fibrous veges (corn, asparagus, celery).  Chicken breast and steak are off the list as too dry. Also any fruit or vege with peel or a coat.  Avoid or remove peel.

But the big thing is - I get to chew something finally!!!!  Like a big girl :)

One other thing that has arisen.  Initially I had some pain where the port is (I think).  Is this to do with the muscle growing around it and recovery?  It has pretty much gone for now.  But in the last few days I have had pain to the left of the port and slightly down.  Hasn't gottten any better and I can't link it to anything.  Initially I thought I had pulled a muscle but it goes and comes back.  It hurts more when I am standing.  Today in the supermarket it felt like a stabbing pain and almost doubled over - however the pain went away.  I thought it was due to digesting but it had been hours since I had eaten.  Has anyone who is banded had this?  Is it normal?  HELP!  I have search internet sites and not much has come up.  I guess if it continues, I'll check in with the clinic.

Onto week 3.....


  1. Congrats on your loss! Love your puppy dog.

    Our bodies are so weird when it comes to pain. You can feel pain in one area that actually comes from a totally different area. I had port pain for a long time after surgery, and still will very occasionally have it. I think it's just like you said-- the muscle reacting to its presence. Next time you see your doc, share it, but I'm betting it's just a mysterious body pain that doesn't mean much in the end.

  2. Well hello there! thanks for coming over to my blog. Your dong great this early along in things! Keep up the great work.

    I still have port ache sometimes and it has been 3 years. I also strain it every now and then by taking really long car rides, getting stuck or working out. It isn't really sharp ongoing pain but provides a jab as a reminder. I can also feel it tug when my food goes through my band.


  3. Hi There,

    I had Gastric Banding on Friday 21st January at Southern Cross in Wellington so I am about a week in front of you.

    I had the same kind of discomfort that you are talking about last week, it seems to have settled down now.

    I live in Upper Hutt so having some one close is quite cool.

    I am about to start week 4 of the post-op diet tomorrow (Tuesday 15th) and I am really looking forward to that.


  4. Hey Cassie

    I had exactly that sort of pain and discomfort, it will just be your body settling down. Remember although you feel quite normal, your insides are still swollen and tender...and a lot more sensitive.

    Also as your body recovers it has to knit all the bits back together (even with laproscopic) and this can cause the funniest aches and pains - I got them last time I had laproscopic abdominal surgery too. This is why you have to keep your protein high.

    Debbie I am in Upper Hutt too..