Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 4 Post-Op - One month since banding!

Wow, what a week.  As my last post showed - the country was consumed with the tragedy of the Christchurch Earthquake.  Today almost a week later, there are still over 200 missing, 148 confirmed dead.  Many have fled the city either for a break or to start a new life some where safer.  The first funeral was today and tomorrow exactly a week after the quake, the country will stop and observe 2 minutes silence.  Help from the rest of the country and all around the world has been outstanding.  People can be amazing in a crisis.

On other things to happen during week 4 post-op.

I was back onto real food.  Wow, more flavours.  I had another sticking - when I grabbed a piece of chicken on the way to the gym (bit of protein) didn't chew it properly and of course it got stuck.  It was worse than the apricot - quite unpleasant and eventually threw it up.  I have been so much more vigilant since then with chewing....lots!  As the dietician said to me, you will learn the hard way.

I went in for my first fill - only got 0.5ml but feel a bit more restricted now and less hungry.  The surgeon was really pleased with my progress, and explained the whole accessory left hepatic artery to me.  Apparently this causes issues as it crosses where the band is.  Only 20% have this accessory artery while most others have the artery in the middle.  I may go back for a further fill in a couple of weeks.  I've now lost 29.6 kilos (65.3 pounds).  So excited to be only 400g away from 30 kilos! The dietician was also chuffed, and emphasised the learning curve in terms of eating.  Now have the post-op food guide to help me along.  It now also means that I have lost more than what my other dog Honey weighs at 29.4 kilos. 

Honey - am sure she was a fish in a past life ;)

At the clinic, I was shown the clothes rack which has clothes donated from other patients that no longer fit them.  You can help yourself on the condition that you also contribute as you lose weight and get new clothes.  Coolest idea!  It's like free clothes!  I found four pieces including an awesome long coat for Winter.  I have to say I have spent a lot of money on new clothes lately (not many new ones, but the trade me specials do build up over time!)  It is something I need to curb.  Funnily enough, I have noticed this is common amongst many lap bandits.  I guess I am swapping my food addiction for clothing.

Phyiscal activity increased over the last week aswell. Still two more weeks before I can return to weight training but was doing some decent walks.  Feels good, but certainly need to increase my fitness!  Looks like my new personal training programme will be like a boot camp (maybe not so military like though) so increasing fitness will be achieved!

I'm feeling a lot better, a lot more energy.  Stopped having naps, so good.  Went for a trip up the coast at the weekend, and enjoyed it immensely.  Felt like it was a good reward for making it through the first month recovery process.  Sun, sand, a great holiday house and company (and my dogs!) May have had a bit more wine than supposed to, but it was good! Especially playing Cranium  :)

View from the holiday home

Wine and cranium = fun!!

Me and Anthony :)


  1. wahoo..good for you. You are so lucky to have good restriction so early! the picture of you and Anthony looks lovely :) and the dogs on the beach too!


  2. your dogs are wonderful!! I just want to hug them!!