Saturday, February 5, 2011

Post-Op Week 1

A week has gone by since banding, how time flies.

Hospital stay was good, nurses awesome.  All concerned there relieved it happened this time.  Got bumped up to a single room of my own (nice).  It was nice to wake up in recovery seeing similar surroundings, lights and the same theatre nurse from the operating room.  Got my own tv in my room with SKY - could only really cope with American Idol which my nurse watched with me while she wrote her notes up.  Next day after the surgeon gave me the ok, and said that in the end they didn't need to use a muscle relaxant I went home to sleep.  I found out later - it was really a 50/50 chance of success for the op after last time, so glad I was on the good 50 side.
Still happy, and improving a bit more everyday.  Turns out I may have been a little ambitious going back to school (work) on Monday (Day 3).  While I felt fine when I got up, after dealing with students, meetings, moving around etc, by 11am I was absolutely shattered!  Being stubborn, I continued through the day, but coming home - I was a physical and mental mess.  Hubby handed me the phone - tell work you aren't going in for a couple of days at least.  For once, I actually did what he said.

So what did I learn from that?  Well apart from my stubborness and pigheadness, Day 3 for me going back to teaching - far too soon!  I spent the next two days at home doing some serious R and R.  Back to work too soon. Taught Thursday being first teaching day, exhausted at the end so off on Friday.  I suppose I made it to work a little this week.

My problem was the guilt, but have to step back and realise it is a job not my life, and this year especially is to FOCUS (word of the year) on ME.  Just taking a bit of practise and changing of old habits.  Just relaxing and doing nothing has being hard, especially when I know there is that lingering school work in the background.  It will get done - when I'm all good.

Im healing nicely.  Being my first op wasn't sure what to expect so on the removal of the dressings, I just needed reassurance everything was ok, and no infection was nigh.  I had heard of horrible stories of the ports getting bacterial infections and spreading to the band - I was not having any of that!  So checked in with the nurse at the clinic, and all was good.  Apparently already have a decent amount of scar tissue under the skin which is good.  Yay!

Can I feel anything in me - no.  I do wonder exactly where the port is - I will probably find it when the swelling has gone done.  I have a lot of gurgling which sounds like a massive rumbling tummy, common apparently.  Embarrassing - yeah especially in a dead quiet staff meeting.  I have to have benefiber to keep me regular if needed.  In my sleep I have rolled on my stomach as well (naturally a tummy sleeper) - damn sore in the morning.  A real tight sensation as well.  Things I have to get used to.

So first week was a diet of liquids only - Approx 6 servings a day of up to 1/2 cup - increasing a little if comfortable.

For me this consisted of:  Protein shakes, Up and go, berocca, water, amazing broth cooked by Hubby (Chicken, Mushroom and a yummy Tomato and Basil), dilute cranberry juice, coffee, tea, and tomato juice.

Have I got hungry? Nope.   I was able to increase the liquids a little towards the end of the first week more for the nutrition rather than wanting it.  It has been weird not really having an interest in eating/drinking food, but apparently all normal.   One thing that has been awesome (in moderation of course) was having a fruju - Ahhhh so good for Summer, and even though it melts, made me think I was having something solid.

About day 5 when I went into the surgery I weighed myself with a pleasant surprise.  Had lost 2.1 kilos totalling 27.3 kilos lost.  Also when updating my ticker - I noticed my BMI has gone below 50.  Wooo hooooo!!!!!

Best part of the week - going back to work after 6 weeks and people immediately noticing I am smaller, and saying my clothes are getting too big for me (first time for that!), and the other was my hubby and how much he looked after me :) 

Week 2 food phase is pureed foods - Im definitely ready to move on to something with more substance.  I can have some banana (mashed and only 1/2) - love bananas!

Thanks to all who read this and wished me well - very much appreciated :)
And finally a couple of pics just before heading to hospital to add to the progress picture journey!



  1. Thanks for comment on my blog. Congrats to you need bander. You are going to do great, just hang in there.

  2. Way to go! Stick with it you are doing great!!!