Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 3 Post Op

Onto soft foods this week - anything (within reason) that you could cut with a side of a fork.  So nice to eat something with substance!  Food served on a bread plate with special sections for protein, carbs, veges and sauces.  Its cool but so small.  However, I can't eat more than what is on that size plate, and with all the chewing and small portions I have to take in - it takes longer than everyone else to eat!  So different to before this all started.

Went to the surgeon on Thursday, and fortunately there was nothing wrong with the port or the nerves/muscles.  The pain was in the wrong place (which has got less everyday :) ).  Apparently it is one of two things - My digestive system getting used to more food or my ovaries started to work again (maybe ovulating).  Either way while I hope for the latter, I breathed a huge sigh of relief there was nothing wrong with my band etc.

Also weighed myself - no weight loss!!!  No weight gain either but I was not happy.  Asked the surgeon about it and said it happens and my body might be just catching up and getting used to having some nutrients.  He said I was looking smaller since surgery (apparently my tummy was flatter).  Hope this non weight loss doesn't last too long though, was quite gutting!

Am finding am getting hungrier.  Have got my first fill on Friday - can't wait!  As I get more hungry I feel a little powerless.  Im scared of falling back into old habits.  So Im hoping the fill will curb these hunger pangs somewhat.

Not long ago...minutes,  I was eating an apricot and didn't chew it properly, and I got my first blockage.  What a horrible feeling!!!  Makes you want to throw up and tried but eventually it went down.  Dont think was a major but very uncomfortable!  Live and learn and maybe skip apricots for a little while.  Kind of put me off!

Has been extremely hot the last couple of days.  For the first time in a while Im not struggling as much due to losing some weight.  Pretty nice :)

3 more weeks until I can return to the gym - craving some weight/resistance training!  Cardio is just a little boring.


  1. Glad that everything is good with your band, your weight loss so far is fantastic.

  2. I've heard that some people have a lot of trouble with fruit that has a skin-- next time you try the apricot you might peel the skin off if possible :)

    You're doing great! It will come off for you.

  3. you are doing great! that scale will provide loss and no loss on its own time so don't let what is says make you feel bed. It is what you are dong that matters and in the long run the weight will come off.

    I still have trouble with chewing sometimes (3+ years)...You will get better and the sticking will get worse probably but it is all the learning process :)


  4. Hi Cassie!! Thanks for the comment and following my blog! Keep up the great work it looks like you're doing awesome so far!!!