Friday, April 22, 2011

NSV time and How do you know when you are in the green zone?

Well holidays have finally arrived, and I decided to go down home to Dunedin for a bit of R and R, along with catching with friends and family.  So far, the weather has been above expectations, which has been just lovely!

Again, not much of a post, a bit time restrained.  But a couple of NSV's I thought I would share!

First off on the plane - NO extension belt needed!  I just clipped in nicely (not even straining to clip in) to the regular seat belt!   Totally stoked - I was by myself on the plane, but really just wanted to jump up and tell everyone!  YES!!!  I did however refrain from making a tool out of myself :)

Secondly - Since it is coming into Winter here in NZ and going to Dunedin prompted me to pull out the ol' PJ's - I need new PJ's - the bottoms no longer stay up!  Oh dear, more shopping...such is life ;)

The last one I noticed today - I was brushing my hair in the mirror, and saw what I thought were shadow outlines at the bottom of my neck - Ummm when I touched them - they were my collar bones!  Ha ha ha.  I could actually see some of them...Woo hoo!

Next thing I was wondering - for all you experienced bandits out there, how do you know when you are in the green zone.  I have had a few fills now, and feel I might have made it, but just not quite sure if I don't just need a little extra.  I know everyone is different but are there some other guidelines that the clinic doesn't tell you?

Saying that, I'm also still learning eating patterns - I have learnt pumpkin skin is a definite no no for me and causes the most uncomfortable blockage.  Watch how much I put into my mouth and how often, and also making sure meat is not too dry!


  1. Im keen know how we know if we are in the green zone too.

    Im a little obsessed with shopping and buying smaller clothes. I need to restrain myself, or I'll just end up with a big pile of "too big" clothes.

  2. Not sure about the green zone Cass.. but with the seatbelt, pj's and collar bones, YUSS! Totally awesome achievements :-). It's noticing stuff like that which keeps motivation levels up eh.

  3. I had to laugh when you mentioned you found your collar bones... I just discovered I had some a couple weeks ago... truly a NSV.

  4. Great NSV's!

    I don't know about the Green Zone, but this has been my rule of thumb-- if I'm losing, I don't need a fill.