Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy busy! And progress in pictures :)

I can tell the end of the school term is nigh.  Every time the last weeks finally appear, it seems to get just crazy busy!  Parent/teacher interviews, reports, assessments and all that marking that goes with it!  I'm swamped!  However, Im loving the weekends, where Im trying to do as little work as possible (with varying success) but at least having some form of social life.  This past week my little bro was up on a design conference and stayed a little longer to catch up with his big sis.  Good times.  My parents don't visit (My mum only twice, and my dad once in the nine years I've been here - one being my wedding!) So I love it when he comes to visit as he is my only other family member in the country.  Always good is that we manage to squeeze in a trip to the movies usually a horror.  This time was Saw VII 3D - because it is just not sick enough in two dimensions.  Blood splatter and guts it :)

Anyway, back to the weight loss.....

Another fill last week, after still feeling hungry and not getting full much.  The latest fill (a big one) has helped a bit, but feel another may finally put me in the green zone, so have got another next week.  To my surprise, when weighing in - I had lost 2.5 kilos!!!  Woo hoo, just when I didn't expect it.   So now I have lost a total of 32.9kilos (72.4lbs).

So what weighs about 32.9 kilos?

These child robots

This fish

Big dog

The weight of luggage allowed on this airline

And this seizure of cocaine!

I thought I would also put in some progress shots too.


APRIL 1st 2011

The dogs thought since I was near the door, it was walkies time...bless :)

Am still doing the crossfit training, and truly am loving it!!  Short, intense, high weight low reps workouts that have you puffing afterwards.  My times are also not far from the others, so soon I will feel confident enough to do the classes with others.  Exciting!!!!


  1. You're doing SO great, Miss Cassie. You can see a huge difference! :)

  2. I agree with the above, there's a huge difference! Well done Cass :-)

  3. Hi Cassie! I just discovered your blog today and will be Following you too!! I will try to read your blog from the start in the next few days to get caught up with your Journey!


  4. Love the new ensemble. You suit tunics and tights I reckon.

  5. What a big change! I love the comparison shots of cocaine and what you have lost!!!!! LOL!