Monday, April 25, 2011

The Week of Indulgence - Last Week of School

A post a little out of order, but am trying to finally catch up on drafts, half done posts and expanding on what I think to be important headings at the time (A couple of weeks later - some of my wee notes baffle me, so I'll skip those!)

Anyway, along with the great stuff, the gains (NSV's), the weight losses, and all those clothes I seem to keep buying, there also comes weeks that you would rather forget!

This happened a couple of weeks ago, which considered with the last week of the school term.  Now, for non-teachers, I find the third and second to last weeks worse in terms of behaviour and workload, and then the last week, a few more smiles appear around the staffroom and the classroom as everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel which is the long awaited school holidays.  This term, a long one.  The Government thought it would be a 'smart' move to adjust the term dates, so that when the Rugby World Cup is on, schools will be on holiday and not congesting the motorways, therefore easing traffic woes.  To be honest this may only work in Auckland, and to a lesser extent Wellington (where I live).  However, in return, the school terms are screwed up with 3 long ones and one short one.  It means more work, pressure, and trying to get the kiddies all taught by the end of term 3 as we only have them for a couple of weeks in Term 4 before going off to NCEA exams (National Exams).  Anyway - this last week ended up being just as painful as the previous two, with deadlines and no end in sight for the workload.

I might add, the weekend before - got sick, still sick on the Monday so day in bed.  I have found since I now admit going back to work too early, I have suffered since with little immunity and catching every bug that seems to come around.  I'm hoping with the two week holiday - the rest will give me a boost!
So, being under the weather, my patience was not the best, and the kids seem to be filled with an element of CRAZY!  (later interpreted as I'm basically on holiday mode) I lost my temper at one stage, luckily a co-worker saw I was losing it and took over the class for a while so I could calm down.  I don't normally get like this, but at times the students certainly know the right buttons to push.  After class - I found chocolate - and I ate it, and ate a substantial amount of it.  I had bought this a prizes for quizzes, but after I lost my na na at them decided they weren't getting any!  So I ate it.  Thankfully - after the 4th or 5th easter egg, I realised what I was doing and threw them away!

That event was the last in a line of what I called the "Week of Indulgence"!. I also did some baking.  Firstly for a friends farewell morning tea.  What did I make?  Chocolate Rumballs....mmmmm mmmm.  The temptation was too much and I taste tested some (2-3), to confirm their delicious factor.  In that event, I also made chocolate brownies and banana cake, and 'taste tested' those.  At the time I didn't feel guilty.  I was sick and stressed.  There was also sweet sweet indulgence over the weekend before and a boozy evening with girl friends (but that was so totally worth it - such a fun night!) I have learnt from this that it is actually stress which ignites my sweetness cravings!  Lesson - manage stress in a non food way.

I'm trying the exercise thing.  I am totally loving the new gym, the coaches Donna and Matt and crossfit system they use.  I always come out pumped and excited.  They measure everything from the time you take to do the prescribed workout of the day, to how much you can bench press and what is you maximum weight you can do.  It totally gives you goals to work towards.  Highlight so far - well there are two:  The first being able to sumo deadlift 70kgs - yeah!!!, and the other was completing my first crossfit class (with some exercises moderated to suit my level - but that is the point of crossfit).  I am also looking more into the Paleo diet - a lifestyle that consists of eating the way Paleolithic people did.  No processed foods, lots of meat and animal protein plus good non starchy vegetables.  I will cover this more in a later entry.

Sumo deadlifts - except I had 70kilos to lift :)

I'm also walking, and aim to do more of this.  I need to remember how good I feel after exercise.  The hardest part is often just getting out and doing it in the first place!

Anyway - I did not escape a weight gain after all my indulgences.  I managed to put on 1.2 kilos.  However, unlike last time I did not get depressed about it.  Not all of that was due to the food though.  Still the hormones play a part in this one, and also the fact my hunger had not been tamed.  So, I got a fill.  The fill seems to be working a lot better than previously.  The pangs of constant hunger are all but gone.  As with my last post, not sure if in the green zone yet, or if I still need just a little bit more.  I will see when I go back home from holidays if the fill has worked out   for me in the weight loss department.

With being tighter, the ol' lessons get re- learnt.  Chew at least 20 times.  Small pieces into the mouth, and no skins if possible (for me anyway).  No dry meat.  The last two have caused horrible blockages and a lot of sliming (finally understand what this term means!).  Thinking I was good not having some sauce on the kebab meat - it ended up being too dry and not going down.  Also learnt always have some low calorie soft drink in the house, as it helps move the blockage.  And beer does not work.  Funny thing was I don't even like beer that much, and it was the only fizzy thing in the house - only made it worse!

Finally, I have read a couple of blogs recently about hair loss occurring approx 3-4 months after surgery. As I am approaching the 3rd month -

I'm wondering what causes this?

Does everyone suffer from this?

and is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening?

My hair was not in the greatest condition for the first six weeks after surgery due to the anaesthetic, but it has started to come right and resemble some form of normality.  So I am keen to keep my hair if I can!

Hope everyone has had a good Easter where ever in the world you are  :)


  1. Sounds horribly stressful for you, I would have eaten the chocolate too.
    I've been reading about hair loss on a WLS forum, it seems that the best thing to do to avoid it is eat lots of protein and take a good multi vitamin.

  2. No hairloss for me yet and I just hit 6 months. I hope it stays that way. I hate that you have so much stress right now.