Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding is Nigh

How can someone like myself who really is a keen royalist let another day go by and not put up a post about the wedding.  I am so truly exciting, and now it is just little more than 24 hours away!  It is so nice to have a world event to look forward to, not some of the not so happy news that has covered our screens in recent months.

Young Prince William will marry Katherine Middleton in what could be the Wedding of the Century.  It is the first of its kind this century thats for sure.  I cannot wait to see the dress, a very close secret held.  I'm enjoying much of the lead up to the event, including yesterday when they were placing trees in the Abbey at Kate's request.  These were big trees as well not just your pot plant kind.  There are the rehersals, the schedule of who does what and when, and of course our Prime Minister being the only person to meet with the Queen this week and then they had some champagne afterwards - it is a celebration week after all!

So for the dress, many designers have sketched what they would put her in. 

I myself envisage her in something classic, maybe off the shoulder or strapless, fitting around the bodice, and then flows beautifully to the ground.  The train will be long and embroided.  I do wonder if she will wear a tiara, and if so which one?  Diana wore the Spencer tiara.  Will Kate wear one that Diana did or one loaned to her by Elizabeth?  Wait and see!

Below are some videos I found courtesy of You Tube from previous weddings.  I do remember although young watching Diana and Charles, and Sarah and Andrew, and a little of Edward and Sophie  (What was shown in NZ).

Below is a spoof video of the wedding - very funny!

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  1. The crowns were really pretty but the troll thing, and happy Halloween end nearly scared the pants off me :)

    I am going to a party tomorrow to celebrate!