Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Dad

Tomorrow my Dad goes in for surgery.  An update on the cancer.  It seems to be contained as from the CT scan.  However, a length of his colon has to be removed along with his appendix.  He made the joke that he will no longer be a colon but a semi colon now.  Dad humour, but to his credit that was a good one.  While the recovery will take a while, it seems all going well he will be back to normal in time.

My Dad reassuring and settling my nerves before going down the aisle

Proud Dad with new son in law

Father of the Bride speech
I love my Dad.  He has always been the strong one and looked after me.  It is hard to see him in this position.  It has made me aware that my parents are aging.  It is scary.  Now it is my time to help look after him.  This event has truly made my family closer, and I'm glad to get leave from work  - going down home for a week on Sunday to help Mum while Dad is in hospital and then when Dad comes home.

It has been a hard couple of months.  As much as I have tried to not let it affect me at work etc, it has.  The students have been surprisingly understanding.  My mind will be on Dad tomorrow, so hope there is not too much chaos in the classroom ;)

Bad As.....

Weightlifting competition on Saturday.  I can now have weights on all lifts..woo hoo!  Get my t shirt for the competition on Thursday and now have to work out my starting weights and what ones to warm up on.

At the moment my best weights are:

Clean and Jerk - 40kg (88lbs)
Bench Press - 54kg (118.8lbs)
Back Squat -  57.kg (126.5lbs)

Looking forward to it and been doing a far bit of training.  Who knew I would be doing this a year ago??

Weight Loss...

The Paleo Challenge is in Week 3 now.  Have lost 2 kilos since my last weigh in.  Am feeling better (kind of detoxed)even with everything else going on.  So now I have lost 36 kilos (79.2 lbs).  More and more clothes dont fit properly.  My whole body is changing shape as well as getting smaller.  I have gained muscle with more exercise, but am finding some loose skin in places....yuck!  Have definitely found having coconut milk in my protein shake in the morning instead of milk satisfies me more, and it is yummy!

And finally...

If you need a good laugh and some light hearted stress relief.  Watch this!

 Loved it!


  1. OMG, you can bench press a small teenager! You go! Sorry to hear about your Dad. Stay strong!

  2. wow I am impressed with your lifting skills. I am sorry about your dad and will send prayers and thoughts your way.