Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Under 300 pounds....Yeah Baby!!!

For the first time in well I don't remember, I stood on the scales last week at the clinic, and I had lost 34.9 kilos (76.8lbs).  Working and focusing on being successful with the lap band during the school holidays really paid off, with losing 3.2 kilos in 2 weeks :)  I was stoked!!!  Amazing how easy it was to focus on eating and exercising when there was no stress or work in the way.  YAY!  I haven't actually posted my weight before, but this is a milestone in the journey for me and that is what my blog is about.  So now I weigh 135 kilos (297lbs).  Onwards and downwards I say!!!

So what weighs in at or around 34.9 kilos?  Well there are some interesting things:

This boy

Drinks Dispenser

Baby Camel (awwww cute!)

This sculpture of Keith Richards (made entirely of chocolate!!!)

6 month old polar bear


Rice dispenser

And I know it's gross, but this tumor!