Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Last Supper

To celebrate my last 'big' meal for a long long time, and the night before I started my pre-op diet, a few of my peeps went to Lone Star -yum, couldn't have picked a better place!

Me and Kate with our meals - we got regular meals unlike the boys


Johnny Cash Stash


Riki and Kelly

My wonderful husband Anthony

What I had really wanted - dessert!

Moro bar and kahlua cheesecake!

Steve and Fish with her yummy chocolate mousse

Randy Savage Cocktail -  Macho Man!

Fish, Steve and Kate

Kate brought me some gifts - chocolates for that night, epsom salts for relaxing, and gum for after surgery.  I loved the card - up on my noticeboard now.

Me and my bro Scott with cocktails at the Library......classy ;)

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