Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 1 Pre-op

I'm a little behind on the blog, but trying to constantly catch up and include everything so I can look back at my entries and each point of the journey.

Week 1 of the pre-op diet was hard.

I started it the morning after my 'last supper'  with a shake.  After having that, it felt a little like - was that it?  It was gone within seconds!  What to do now....

Lunch was a bar with salad, and dinner was salad with 150g of protein (around the size of a chicken thigh).

That is my typical day of food.  Anthony my husband being an ex chef has taken upon himself to make my dinners as interesting as possible, and also challenge himself to vary the meals for me - yes he does cook dinner :).  I am lucky.

The negative parts of the week:

The TIREDNESS!!!!  It was all consuming.  Feeling really heavy with no energy was horrible.  Having to go to work and try to do all the same things and teach was also hard.  I was also pale apparently.  Anthony tries to put red meat as protein a couple of times a week to keep my iron up...bless!

My MOODS.  Yeah I became grumpy, and snappy.  Some said I looked depressed.  The students were the ones who later said I was very grumpy. Things ticked me off more than usual...surprise.  My worst day was Wednesday (day 5) when taking my girls volleyball down to St Orans for a game.  The noise of Year 10 teenagers and their dramas almost made me want to drive off the road.  However, I muttered a lot instead.  I came home pale as a ghost - red meat and a walk helped immensely.

Positive parts of the week:

From Thursday, I did start to feel better.  I am forgetting things more though, energy not there to remember.  But without the carbs, no bloating, no feeling blah after eating.  I feel healthier eating so many more vegetables.

Sleeping way better in general!  Yay!

After 1 week on the diet, I lost 4.5 kilos - and the surgeon saw (I had to see him again to go over procedures, ask questions etc.  Im not allowed to do NCEA marking this year as the meetings are two days post op - the surgeon looked at me as if I was crazy to even think to ask if it was okay.  Bummer about the money but it also means I have a full summer holiday this year (first time ever since I started teaching!) ), and Atul was happy - it also shows I have commitment to the operation and change of lifestyle the lapband entails.   :)

Week 1 got a little easier as the week went on and my body started to accept what was going on.  Don't do so many #2's now (he he).  Cardio exercise is a little harder with less energy but I still do it.  The actual weight loss was definitely an incentive to keep going!!!  On to week 2!!!

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