Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Process So Far Part 1

My surgery date has been confirmed for the 26th November 2010.

Today, that is 44 days away....exciting!!!!

So what has been the process so far?  Well here goes.....

Since last year when my doctor recommended I look into Bariatric surgery, funding was first sought for a gastric bypass.  Unfortunately, in Wellington where I live - no funding available.  Health board ran out of money!  If I lived in another place in New Zealand, this story may have turned out differently.  While I am obese, I am healthy and don't suffer from various diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and the like - so I am not a prime candidate.

Anyway, months passed and in July I decided to find out more and take action.  Stupid parent teacher interviews stopped me from attending a information seminar until September, but I made it.  At the Surgical Obesity Service (lovely name I know) - we were given a slide slow showing the gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve, and the lap band - procedures, advantages and disadvantages, costs, etc - all you wanted to know.

After the seminar I was emailed further information, including a referral form from the doctor.  My doctor was over the moon I had made the decision, and referred me without hesitation.  Next day, got a call from the surgery practice and immediately organised appointments.  I love private health care!!! (When I was waiting in the public system to see a gynocologist regarding fertility etc - it took nine months just for the appointment!!).

The first appointment was with the GP to assess if I was suitable for surgery, particularly the lap band which was my choice.

Height, weight, measurements, blood pressure, bloods, etc were taken along with looking at my family history of disease and conditions - that wasn't a pretty picture.  I could see if I didn't act now - things like blood pressure, diabetes, mobility could all become issues in the future.  I already suffer from depression, wheather this will improve with weight loss will be seen in the future.  At the moment Im all good as long as I take my pills :)

Anyway, after being cross examined, it was determined I did not need an ECG to look at my heart, and I was cleared to go on to the next stage and closer to surgery :)

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