Friday, October 29, 2010

Wow...don't hold back on your feelings!

I took this link off my brothers twitter.  A woman from Marie Claire magazine (ok not the most reliable of sources), and her opinion on over weight couples on TV.  I'll give her dues for her post script and apology

Overweight/obese people are some of the most persecuted people around.  They have views to not harrass people of different colour, intelligence, gender and ability, but for size it is a free market.  Even people who are very small get harrassed for being "anorexic", when they merely struggle to put on weight.
My counsellor mentioned how it must be absolute hell to be overweight/obese.  Sometimes there is some truth to that comment.  But what I have learnt is that most people have at least one thing about them that they don't like and are insecure about.  A person could look perfectly happy, but inside they worry about how 'big' their butt is or the fact everyone must be able to see their cellulite...etc....I guess being obese, the insecurity is easier for people to see.

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