Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I learnt this week!

First of all.....thank you for all the supportive and positive comments, and to my friends I see everyday the hugs and reassurance.

I'm feeling 100% better than I did this time last week.  I have learnt that my biggest enemy is MYSELF!  Nobody else.  It is something I have to work through, and with time my head space will catch up to all the changes going on in my life. 

My personal trainer in one of my last sessions with him (he is off to become a policeman), who knows me very well summed it up.  "Oh no, Cassie did not achieve excellence in her weight loss this week.  She focuses on the 900g she put on, doesn't matter about the 30 kilos she has lost.  She didn't get the perfect result this week."  (This all said with dripping sarcasm) It helped, and helped to reset my thinking.  Thanks Clayton :)  After 5 years with him - we have parted ways.  He has seen me through many weight loss ventures, and the gains from them.  However, at our last workout session, he left me at my best weight loss and on my way to me being the healthiest I can be.  He can be proud of his efforts, and tolerance with me over the years, and from that I am proud of myself as well....there I said it.  Yay!

This week I have started with a new trainer at a place called Mad Crossfit - a new system, and a new approach to achieving my goals.  Put to me by Clayton, it is a new exciting challenge.  Have had two sessions so far, and today I was doing shuttle runs...who would have thought???  Am starting with PT sessions and will build up to joining the hour long classes (small 6-8 people) once I more confident and familiar with the moves and techniques.  I'm loving it.  My new trainer, Donna is great - not too girly either - can't cope with those type of trainers!  The whole Mad Crossfit idea comes from the States, and they brought it here.  The focus is on  building strength and getting fit.  They can help with eating etc. but when it comes to the number on the scales, they aren't focussed on that.  I will leave the numbers to the clinic.  Fun times ahead :)

More positive things - after having an incident with a student's behaviour at school (work), I was pretty down on myself (again) - I posted a comment on Facebook about it not being my best teaching day, and outlined the basics of what happened which lead me to walking out on the class (putting myself in timeout) as it got to a point where I was either going to cry or completely nut off at the student.  Didn't expect much from the comment to be honest, but had some amazing supportive and positive comments from friends and ex students which again, put things in a better light for me.   Here were some of them:

I think you did the right thing by removing yourself from the situation Cass. And don't beat yourself up about it, you're only human, this k...ind of thing happens to everyone. I'd bet 100 bucks that it's happened to every other teacher you know at some point.  Yup, tomorrow will be better :-)

That is why I'm not a teacher..... I would need timeout everyday :D Tomorrow is going to be a better day!

I sympathise Cass and I hope that you have a much better day tomorrow. It's good you took yourself out of the situation. XO
Teaching is fantastic when it's good but god it sucks when you have a bad day... wine time? much love xx

much understanding from here - I felt that way so much last year! Thank god for an understanding HOD. Take it easy and tomorrow they will be angels for you :) Or else slam them!

It happens to us all, even JV! Tomorrow's another day, teenagers have short memories :)

silly students!! you need us back, we were the best aye hehehe ;) I hope tomorrow will be better for you and that, that class will calm down for you, other wise just bust out some kung fu hahaha x

It's okay, the awsum 7th formers of last year never saw that side of you, we all still think your awsum!

Everyday was your best day as a teacher !

Tomorrow is another day and you did the right thing. We all need space sometimes and with the pressure we are all under its a wonder it doesn't happen more often. Hang in there, I can see the holidays coming in fast:)

Don't beat yourself up about it. You've had a tough week and they must've tried it on when you didn't have much patience left.   Like someone else said, they probably will be angels next lesson.

We had teachers like that everyday, and you were definitly not one of them You are a great teacher

Miss u made me love bio haha now im doing a degree at it!! all thanks to u haha!! ur an awesome teacher i miss ur ways haha !

Kia Kaha Cass. You have to be strong to be a teacher, keep at it!!!!! xoxoxoxox

It was the students comments (in blue)  that actually touched me the most - never realised that saw me like that - quite humbling, but a lot of warm fuzzies.  Must remember to focus on the positive!

On the weight loss, I booked in to see the nurse, and got a fill - 0.6mL up to 3.6 mL now and booked in again in 2 weeks for another fill.  After about a day I felt more restriction.  I told her how although I thought I was chewing food enough, it still got stuck.  Turns out, its now the quality of chewing but the quantity of chewing!  I'm still eating too fast and the food doesnt have enough time to get through the band before the next lot is on its way - so build up occurs causing a blockage.  So focus is on chewing for a long time, putting utensils down and breaking between bites of food.  A learning process, but have not had a blockage since then.  The nurse was also very pleased with my progress and again told me not to worry about a less than a kilo gain.  I lost most of the 900g in the next week.  It does flucuated.   Other big tip I learnt - have water before a meal to lubricate my throat and reduce sticking/blocking.  Makes perfect sense really!!

So my week improved :)  I have more to blog but sleep calls for now.....'till next time.


  1. Aww, what sweet comments from old students (and friends). :) Must feel great to have so many people backing you up.

    And I CERTAINLY wouldn't worry about less than a kg gain. :)

  2. If you buy some and make something with it (the quinoa) let me know how it goes!