Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre-op Diet Week 2

Wow, I may have finally caught up on my posts!!!

Weight loss update - week 2 I have lost another 4.5 kilos totalling about 9 kilos in 2 weeks.  Yay ( I was about to put a but it seems a lot quickly) - a lady a work told me not to but...and just stay with yay, so yay!

Week 2 was slightly easier than week 1.  The food etc has become more routine, and I do find now I am saving a lot of time.  Having just the shake in the morning only takes a couple of minutes rather than the 10-15 with cereal.  Lunch with a bar and salad is easy to prepare, and I have found I go to work earlier...go figure.

I managed 2 personal training sessions with cardio and weight work.  The cardio is a little harder with not as much gas in the tank, but the weights are good, and I always feel better afterwards. 

I have had a bit more energy in general which has been awesome.  Apparently according to my students, I am less grumpy as well (I take thats a good thing for them :))  I have told more and more people about the surgery.  Everyone is being so supportive and asking how it is going etc.  It is actually really cool.  Have told some students.  My Year 13's high fived me for the weight loss.  A couple of students have asked me "Why?"  I have explained my reasons.  Two of them said you shouldn't change, you are fine the way you are....hmmmmm.  I replied well Im not happy with how I am and if I want to stay healthy I need to change.  I think one student thought of it like lipo or plastic surgery though.

With the change of lifestyle, and maybe to help with not being able to eat certain things for the time being, I have been baking and loving it!  Some of my creations below - mainly made with the fruit I can't eat (can't let it go to waste!)
 Beer Bread
 Cinnamon and banana muffins
 Cheese scones
Apple and banana loaf - slightly black on the top - but still good I hear :)
Most of the baking has gone to my mother in law - she loves it!  Im not aiming to bake healthy at this stage - I can't eat it.  Anthony has samples but also doesn't want it in the house either - so off it goes to Joans, where a week later the containers come back empty and compliments are a plenty - thats all I need.  And not once have I been tempted to lick the bowl or eat the crumbs etc - no craving to either...yay!

Lastly, got my admission pack from the surgery/hospital this week - made it more real.  Also included the invoice - ouch.  This is all private - no funding in the Wellington region for bariatric surgery so user pays.  However, the hospital from the brochure (yes they have a brochure) - look sweet and fairly classy.  Wonder if it is like hotels where you get soaps, shampoos etc....wee that would be fun!

Onto Week 3.
Thanks for your support and emails, you guys rock!!!

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  1. Baking looks gooood poohie.

    I hope the hospital isn't like the Shortland Street private wards though where you have nurses like Wendy Cooper. Maia and Tania maybe though only if they don't talk. Surely they have different Dads right? Yvonne you dirty dog. I digress ...

    Keep it up sister Savage!