Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pre-op Diet Week 3

Week three saw the lowest point in this journey so far in terms of energy and general strength.  My will power was tested the most this week to stay on track.  Good news - I did!

My tiredness does show physically.  Ive started getting the comments of looking wiped out, bags under eyes and looking pale.  Can see why this preop diet and in general the optifast diet is not a long term thing.  Have had a little more red than white meat this week to keep my iron levels up (and hopefully reduce paleness!)

So anyway, had a day of on the Wednesday and slept most of it.  Felt a lot better for it to be honest, and now coping a lot better.  I think with school being hectic this week with the seniors leaving - energy levels were drained.

This week also saw the first signs of looking like I had lost some weight. I have now lost 10.5 kilos as at 7th November.   My jeans are a lot more comfortable, and have got a couple of comments saying Im looking a bit different.  A couple said they can see the 9 kilos from last week had gone.  It's nice to hear.  My efforts are working :) 

My dietitcian emailed and was pleased with the progress to date.  I was worried about the dramatic weight loss from the past two weeks, but she said it would have been a lot of fluid and it would slow down.  This week it had with 1.5 kilos lost.  While I do realise it is still a good weight loss, I couldn't help but hoping for more.  I know its silly.  I'm still losing and that's the main thing.  I did ask about cottage cheese (I love the stuff - light of course).  The dietician said as I was doing long term optifast, it would be ok but to restrict the meat more.  Sorry...I like the meat too much.  I look forward to it each day.  I will live without the cottage cheese for now.  Other thing - while gross have been 'blocked up'  - finally found alpine tea at the supermarket - wonderful stuff - now very regular :)

In the mail this week was a letter from my surgeon to my GP (I got a copy) stating the surgery was going ahead on November 26th and how I had chosen Lap Band surgery, and results of the consultation and his positive opinions about my commitment to the surgery and weight loss to date.  It was good to read it in print.

There were three main tests to my diet this week.  Two involved end of year treats with my two Year 13 classes. The first, taking one class to breakfast at McDonalds.  I passed with with having a trim mocha only :).  The second was a staff shout from the Teachers College at morning tea.  Chorizo sausage rolls, little salmon canopies, chcocolate brownies etc.   I did not move from my seat all interval nursing my coffee, surrounded by all the smells of this goodness but not taking a bite.  The last was fish and chips with my other Year 13 class, easy to miss this one.  The yellowness of the batter and fries put my off and since it cooled quickly - it gets gross.  Passed!

Highlight of week - winning $70 on the Melbourne Cup in the staff sweepstake - score!

Thoughtful note of the week - a student bought me Hershey Kisses as a thank you present.  She knows what is going on, but said "Miss, I checked the expiry date and it is Jan 2011.  By then you will be able to enjoy them, so don't give them to your husband!"  Cute :)

So how many pounds is 10.5 kilos? Well it is 22.1 lbs (1.65 stone for those old school folk) - Here are some other things that are 10.5 kilos
 This fish!
 This guy's hair
And this bag of flour plus a 500g block of butter!

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