Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pre-Op Diet Week 5

This week  was a 1.7kg  loss, so that means 13.2 kilos all up (29.1lbs).  I'm stoked.  This week has been good.  Have managed to exercise a little more, which is great - makes me happy!

The actual diet is getting manageable - The hunger is disappearing.  I do get the tummy rumbles but I can live with it now.  The only time of day I struggle a little is just before lunch as it has been about 6 hours since my shake.  So it is understandable.  I make sure I have a coffee at interval as it gives me a little boost.

So one more week.....becoming so real now!

So what weighs 13.2 kilos???

This camera holder

This bike

This chair

 This fish

And this TV!

Not much else to report on Week 5 - bring on the last week!

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