Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre-Op Diet Week 6

Supposedly the last week before the big operation (next post will explain further).  But the day before the operation I went and did my final weigh in.  Lost another 1.9 kilos, which brought the pre op weight loss to 15.1 kilos.  I was stoked!  So were the people at the surgery - saying it was probably one of the highest weight losses and could be a record (I was hoping this was true, as deep down, I'm kind of competitive and a bit of a geek, so its kind of like more of a win! ;)  )

So 15.1 kilos - thats 33.2lbs or 2 Stone, 5.2 lbs - YAY!

Going out for my departmental dinner to Silver Spoon on Wednesday was another achivement and avoidance of temptation.  I think I have developed a small fear of carbs, and even though for my main I had a butter bean puree under my eye fillet steak (which was divine) - because it looked like mashed potatoes, I couldn't bring myself to eat more than a mouthful before giving it away and swapping it for someone's salad - CRAZY!!!  Anyway, avoided entrees, breads, dessert, and alcohol - good effort Cassie :)

So what weighs 15.1 kilos?   Lets see!

This fish
This bike

This pig which serves 50 people!

This amount of seized cannabis

And the cat on the left.

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  1. Wow - you were carrying a WHOLE extra bike around with you. That's kinda vindicating when you see all those tiny teeny people zipping about and looking at you like you're lazy.

    I'M CARRYING TWO MORE BIKES THAN YOU ARE! (or a shit-load of drugs)