Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Not to Wear

Last week took the Mother in law to a fundraiser for a local College (some Vietnam trip - I wish my school went on cool trips like that)  basically along the same lines as "What not to wear" the TV with Trinny and Susannah.  A lady - Lisa O'Neill who used to work in the fashion industry goes around the country talking to women of all ages (not being sexist - there were literally no men there!) about how to make the best of what they have and what to and what not to wear.

It was a brilliant, funny and very informative evening!  There were also raffles  - Joan got wine, I won an broach and scarf, jewellery stalls - yes I bought more accessories, and supper.  Score there was something I could eat there - celery sticks!!!!  woo hoo didn't have any competition with others there ;)

Anyway, what did I learn from the evening???

Well my body shape is an Apple 

What Does an O Shape (Apple) Body look like?

O shaped bodies carry their weight through their middle. Quite often they have a slim leg (which should be shown off). Usually they have a short waist, which is why they put their weight on first at stomach rather than on their hips and thighs like the A (pear) shape body does.

O shape bodies shoulders and hips may be narrower than their tummy, or may just be kind of even, but there is a rounded appearance. Often the shoulders are not square, but slope a little, and so the curve starts high and ends at the hips.

Often an O shape body was an H shape (rectangle) before they put on weight. It's very unusual for an O shape to have ever had a really defined waist.

And what did it mean that for me......

Well she highlighted that great shoes will draw attention away from my problem areas - I took that as buy more shoes :)  I knew I could never have too many pairs of shoes, and justified my purchasing of three pairs the day before!

Wear V necks - low line - great skin at neckline - don't wear skivvys or anything high around the neck!

Wear dark on top, and lighter or patterns below

Apparently I had great ankles and should highlight them (shoes!! :) )

Because I'm bigger, accessories should be chunky and bigger - keep it in proportion!

I learnt a lot - if you ever see Lisa O'Neill in your area for a fundraiser - go - it is informative and very entertaining :)

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