Monday, November 15, 2010

Pre Op Week 4

Week 4 was an improvement on Week 3 by a long shot.  Although seniors were still in for tutorials, there were no classes with them and only those who wanted to learn were there.  Win win!

Because of less stress, I think I had a bit more energy to spare, yay!  This week I managed some walks, and two workouts with my PT.  Although hard to got there, it was was so worth it, and I felt better for it afterwards.

This weeks weight loss was 1 kilo - less than last week but still in the right direction.  This totals 11.5 kilos or 25.35 lbs (1,81 stone) in total :)  Two more weeks to go until the op.  Excited - it seems so real now.  A few jitters but more excitement.

Other things - adoption process has moved forward slightly, have been placed in an education series in March/April and people have recieved referee forms to fill out.  Im guessing we have passed the medical and police checks so can move on to the next stage.  All good!

Senior prizegiving was on Thursday.  Did over indulge a little on the free coke zero afterwards (took a while to sleep that evening ;)) but was not tempted by the food spread, instead happily passing plates around to others.



Although week 4 pics are closer, I do see slight differences.  My stomach has lifted slightly and is just a little flatter.  My top at the shoulders now falls off to one side more often and is a little longer due to this.  The top is also looser along with the denim pants (yes these are different to week one, but these did not fit 4 weeks ago :) )  My butt may have decreased just a little too...I'm hoping.  All positive though and good to actually see there are physical changes!

So what weighs 11.5 kilos......

 This baby
 This snapper
And this baby llama!!

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  1. I love that you lost a baby llama worth of weight :)

    Also like how you are wearing EXACTLY the same outfit. Just gotta get the camera exactly in the same place - you should put duct tape on the floor to mark your 'mark' like they do in the theatre.