Sunday, January 30, 2011


I made it through the op!  I am now a lap bandit!  I'm sooooo happy! A lot of exclaimation points but that's how it is.

I will post more soon, I'm still pretty tired and a bit sore, but feeling better all the time.  I aim to go to work tomorrow - first day of school for the year.  I figure I will be sitting around for most of it so why waste a sick day?

Best bit, I am not hungry at all!  I have to remember to have my liquids.  Unreal!   I'm on liquids for the first week, and am actually finding it hard to have enough as just don't want anything.


  1. :) Yay! You sound super happy every time I've heard from you in any form. We were talking last night about how much skinnier you're already looking so bring on the next phase.

  2. Congrats on getting there! Don't worry about the food thing, it will come back in a few weeks!. But do make sure you have it, especially if you are going back to work. As it the protein helps with recovery! Honeslty it will take you forever to sip your way through it but your body needs it :)

  3. So glad it actually happened this time! Yea!!!