Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 23

Whew...what a full on day.  First of there was rain.  Great way to start.

It was the first day of classes.  First day impressions - the classes seem alright although all quite large in numbers, not too many spare seats - In my Year 11 classes - 30 15 year olds definitely take up a lot of room!.

Not quite how my classes look these days!

Breakfast - Breakfast Slice and coffee

Lunch - Left over Thai Chicken Curry and salad

Dinner - Paleo fish cakes with salad - band wasnt liking it though.  Didnt eat all salad - took ages.  Fish cakes were yummy though!

Snacks - nuts and baby carrots

Drink - water and too many long blacks - it gives me a kick but hope after get into school I ease up on them a bit!

Too tired for gym - physically wasted - body was going no where when I got home!

Walked dogs at the beach in the wind and rain once I had chilled out for a couple of hours, I was glad I made the effort (as were the dogs :) )

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