Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 24

School is taking over my life - not sure if Im liking that!  Hope for a change in a few weeks.

Today was my full day today
4 classes, house meeting, duty and meeting with parent and filming after school!  Phew! Favourite parting the filming for our house assembly in a couple of weeks.  Was a lot of fun :)

Breakfast:  Breakfast Slice and coffee, plus a long black on the way to work :)

Lunch - Salad and Tuna

Dinner - Kebab - did not eat flat bread - had mixed meat and veges inside it, with some beetroot sauce to make sure it went down plus water of course.

No exercise today.

No work was taken home tonight.  I needed some time out so went to the movie - Chronicle - had a cup of cashews (heated with a little salt) not the best choice but it cured my hunger for a couple of hours until dinner and had lots of water in the movie.

It was good movie a little like Cloverfield in the filming but an interesting storyline.  Made me wonder what I would do if I had all that power...

Going to bed at an incredibly early time for me tonight - 930 - lets see if I sleep until morning.  Lets hope!

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