Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 26

Yay Saturday!

Early start off to the gym to help with relocating the gym to Petone to a bigger place!  Firstly on coffee duty with Faye to Shine Cafe in the Hutt.  Never knew this cafe existed!   Looked pretty good - will be going back to try their food! Coffee was also pretty good :)

Helped with moving then unloading and putting stuff where it belongs.

Breakfast was the last of the first breakfast slice - all good :)

Lunch was a couple of rashers of bacon and eggs - yum!

Dinner was out with friends - Indian - not paleo exactly but did my best - had only water, but some onion bhaji, lamb, and chicken for entrees.

For mains we shared curries - I had only the curries with limited sauce (unfortunately I could taste the sweet sugar in a couple of them) and no naan or rice.  What was good was that while the others were stuffed afterwards - I was just content.  Like I said not perfect, but Im not going to be one of those people who don't go to see their friends for dinner because they can't have the food.  Im just not like that sorry!

A lovely herbal tea and some taboo pictionary with friends afterwards.  Good catch up!


  1. Is Shine cafe in the Hutt near Paper Plus?

    I have lovely memories of riding down there with Sam, with Charlotte in the kiddy seat and about 7 months preg with Sophie for a final relaxing one-child-only cooked brekkie :)

  2. PS I read this post and was like "oh, cool she went out for curry and then played pictionary taboo... oh HANG ON... I was there too!!"

    Idiot :)