Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 27


Layla has kennel cough - not a lot of sleep last night looking after the wee mite.  Poor thing - because of her sociable nature with other dogs when on walks she must have caught it from one of the fellow beach dogs.  Honey because of her obsession with balls and sticks - doesnt care for other dogs so she seems fine at the moment.  A visit to to vet and some jabs and drugs - Layla seems to be on the improve - although both are under quarantine to the house for 2-3 days and only small walks without other dogs around for about a week.  No beach for a while :(

Bacon and egg omlette for breakfast plus coffee

Visited the ma in law after going to the vets - the dogs love her :)

Had some more coleslaw and bacon for lunch

A nice nap in the afternoon got me through the rest of the day, even did some school work and got stuff completed - not at the last minute

Lamb roast and roast kumara and brocoli for dinner - a little gravy to make it go down better.

A bit of water- don't seem to drink as much at the weekend

Had herbal tea at night.

Easy to sleep tonight after not a lot last night!

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  1. Hi - new follower. It's great to find another kiwi in the blogsphere. We were banded a couple of weeks apart via the same clinic (David was my surgeon). Congratulations on your progress - such a huge change judging by your photos!