Monday, February 6, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 28

Monday - Waitangi Day - Day off :).  Although only  back at work for a week or so - could not come at a better time!
Layla on the improve but still got a disturbing cough - not quite like the goose honk she had yesterday though!  More a hacky sort of thing, but the tail is still wagging so she'll be fine.

A welcome arrival of Nicky and Jamies Baby 'Pea'  - baby boy. Thorfinn George Irvine weighing 3.68 kilos.  All is well :)

Time to go shopping for a baby present.  As much as I actually like buying cool trendy clothes for my friends/families babies - I do wish I was buying for my own wee bubba - all in good time hopefully.

Food wise:


Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and free range pork sausage - good!

Snack - almonds

A bit of water

Dinner - Kumara coriander salad and grilled steak

Made some cheese and sultana scones (not together of course) for the hubby and ma in law - proud to say did not touch one - although they smelt damn good!

No exercise today - a pretty lazy day

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