Tuesday, January 11, 2011

21.2 KILOS GONE!!!!!!

Since my last weigh in which was Christmas Eve, I have lost 2.7 kilos.  I haven't had the clinic scale to weigh in on as they are still closed for the holidays until next week, but with the fairly accurate home scales and the trainers scales - I have come to this weight loss.  It may be slightly more, but for the moment I took the top weight.  Even with a little Christmas indulgence - weight was lost!

In total:  21.2 kilos lost = 46.6lbs - yeah!!!!

How do I feel?? 

All day I have felt like nothing can stop me now. It is the most weight I have lost consistently, and I got over the magic 20kilo hump I have always struggled with - and I am not even banded yet!!!

Personal Trainer Response:   "Fark Yeah!" (Excitement)

I can still wear my clothes, although some of my tops are quite baggy now and slip off the shoulder.  I'm cool with that.  It's Summer here so not so bad.  I will post a couple of progress shots soon to show differences.  I find it hard to see for myself, but others have noticed :)  I just feel better!

So weighs around the 21.2 kilo mark??

This fish!

This giant mineral rock!

This fridge!

The largest cat recorded!

And this TV!

On another note - After my PT session today, I went into Contours to cancel my membership - a wee rant - has to be the worse gym I have ever belonged to!  When I went in, there was no -"Oh why?" . There was just a huge sigh (like she had to do some work) then Oooookkkk.   This particular branch of Contours - machines are in less than ideal condition, no one is on the gym floor to supervise (DANGEROUS!), equipment is missing, the posters are very dated, and the staff - do not motivate, and make it seem like they do you a favour to talk to you, and don't ask them to do anything!  And the Personal trainers - no personality and may have worked out a little too much in her life - not the best advertisement.

There!  Rant done.

I have registered with Les Mill for their free month (until end of January).  Easy as - register and download voucher from the website - no talking to any sales consultants.  I figure that will get me through until my op, and then will look at options after that as my long time PT is moving cities.

A good day indeed!

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