Thursday, January 13, 2011

Second Date Announcement!!!!

Makes it sound like a rock concert - but not quite......

Finally after waiting for what seemed like forever (really only a week since I sent an email to the clinic), I got a date for my surgery, so the second attempt will go ahead on:

28th January 2011

That is the Friday before school goes back and is the date I had aimed for once I found out when my allergy testing was. Also now it is only 15 days away so 15 days left of the pre op diet.

I struggled today.  After my killer PT workout yesterday filled with weights, crosstraining, treadmill, lunges, squats and press ups and holds in multiple sets - I couldn't move much today. How good is a hot shower though - so good for the muscles.  Going to try and lose as much as I can before the op.  Today was hard though - got very hungry.  We opted for Chinese takeaway for dinner - I was somewhat careful eating only the vege and meat (with the sauces) was tempted by the wontons.  Could of had six - but had 4.  I actually think I needed something a bit extra today as I felt better afterwards with no effects.  Went dog walking with hubby afterwards in nicer cooler conditions.  Am back at the trainer tomorrow morning so will work off the extra food.  Have to keep focus (word of the year)

I have notice my denim 3/4 pants have become more like 7/8 pants - they are so much baggier and longer with now sitting on my hips.  Anthony could also fit his hand width in the gap at the waist.  Pretty good visual difference.  The 3/4 pants look dumb now, but yet I feel good wearing them as I know they used to be tight :)  Not quite falling off yet like this guy!

This also reminded me of this song:

Also in the plans is joining a walking group that the clinic runs.  Starts for the year next Monday for an hour.  Im quite excited.  Also hoping I will be better than some of the others.  I feel this could be a place where Im not last (unlike previous boot camps).  We shall see.  But fun, and get to meet fellow bandits!!!

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