Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

The festive season is almost behind us, and as from today I'm back on the Optifast wagon until the next surgery attempt.  I'm hoping that it will be on the 28th January.  Why you may ask?  Well I found out that my allergy testing is on January 26th (co-insiding with my wedding anniversary).  According to the specialist, it will take approximately 2 hours to establish if I am allergic to what they think I am.  She did point out that there is a chance that they may not find out either.  When talking to the people at the clinic, late January has been talked about as the date, and the 28th is the Friday.  Ill see in a week or two I guess when the clinic reopens for the year.  Stupid time of year for it all to happen - more waiting time.

So week 8- 11 pre op was like an intermission.  A week after the no-op Anthony and I went to Bon Jovi.  LOVED IT!!!!  Ol' Jon Bon Jovi is looking very good for his age I must say.  Loved the music, and have been playing their greatest hits records for the last month (still not tired of it either)

The end of year party season started.  My diet became looser.  I still managed to lose another 3 kilos or so.  Stoked with that.  Still using optifast, but allowing some carbs in.   My booze drinking came back with the festive season, starting witht he last day of school.  Man, I loved been drunk and had the best time.  However, many drinks = no will power and cravings for carbs in the form of chips and bread.  And the hangover the next day - no so fun.  The partier in me is still strong :)

 Me and Julia - her last day at UHC
 The alcohol starts to take affect
 Secret Santa pressie - treats for my dogs
Partying like its 1999

I allowed myself to buy a new top.  Love it - has an apron like over top.  Many compliments :)

So - the holidays at long last began!  No marking this year, awesome!  A few of us went over to Martinborough for a couple of days to chill out and explore what it has to offer.  Wineries, cafes, gift shops - sweeeeet!!!!

 Me and Kate
 Tried to make meals reasonably healthy
 Group shot - I like this pic - I look smaller :)
The girls had cake- I had fruit salad

The Christmas season hit and my diet basically went out the window.  I appreciated how good a lot of food I had not had for a long time tasted.  I did stay predominantly away from cheese and bread.  Cheese seems to now not agree with me much - a great way of deterring me from it now.  But I did enjoy potato in the form of my bro's potato salad at Christmas - yum!
Me and my bro - Christmas Day 2010

Christmas was in Welly this year - a complete day off, although I was proud I didn't over indulge.  In previous years, I have eaten until my stomach ached, so a good positive.  It is amazing though just how much food is around at Christmas.  Truly a hard time to have any self control.  Loving the sparkling wine this year!

Anthony's birthday a couple of days later, more food, more booze.  I did fit in a couple of walks and personal training sessions during the week between Christmas and New Years.  Exercise really does make you feel a lot better when you are being so glutonous.

Visitors, brunches, road trips, iced coffees, more wine, bbq's, sweets, chocolate summed up that week.

Last brunch for the year was with Miss Hitchings and Jamie on their visit to Welly with Judge, bro, and hubby.

Yummy and my last full brunch!  A beef thai salad with shared belgian fries....mmmmm  mmmmm

New Years Eve no boundaries.  We went to a morrocan restaurant, and I had my first tagine.  A king tagine with sausage, lamb shank, and chicken served over couscous.  The flavours were amazing.  And truly filling not being able to finish it.  I have discovered that I can't eat as much as I used to.  My stomach capacity must have shrunk a little in the pre-op diet.  BIG YAY!

 Me and Kate
 A sweet tagine :)
 Free pita and dips - nice!
 BYO - lots of wine!
Happy New Year!!

So, I summed up to Kate as 2010 being 'arse'.  Things did not really go my way - 2011 will be a better year!  No real resolutions to be made.  Just goals which the main two are to have my lap band surgery and make it into the adoption pool once we have completed the courses.   We have two wonderful referees so I would pick us if I had read their statements!  Once the surgery happens - the goal is big weight loss!  It will be done :)

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  1. I think you've still done well - given the circumstances. You're ordering the healthier options, which is a real state of mind thing. You're still in the good zone!

    And you look really skinny in new yaer's eve photos (the headshot of me and you brings back memories of the glandular fever days!).