Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday Movers and Progress Pics

Wow, the walking group was FUN!  5 people there last night, and all just lovely.  I even met my band twin (well she would have been if I had been banded on the 26th November).  She was the other op that day.  I think we were meant to meet!  Very interesting talking to her at 6 weeks on from the op.  She was not as big as me, and has lost 10 kilos so far, all since the banding - she didn't have to do the pre-op diet.  She is still learning everyday and struggling with portion sizes and chewing.  She has had a number of things stuck which has put her off some foods like steak, chicken breast and unmashed banana.  I am learning from what she says and working with it. I also learnt that recovery time is really individual from going back to solids after 4 weeks to one guy who was back on solids after a week...crazy!  Since we live near each other, we are also going to try and do extra walks as time allows.  This will be especially beneficial during those Winter months.

The walk was good, went for about 50 minutes walking along the Petone foreshore.  The lady from the clinic mapped the distance and turned out to be approx 3.8 km walked.  I was pleased with that :).  The walks are going to go every Monday.  Ill miss the next couple due to being away in Auckland and then op recovery, but then the week after that - Im back in as walking is encouraged to aid recovery.  We've called the group Monday Movers, and were trying to suggest sponsorship deals from the clinic for t shirts, caps etc, basically any free stuff - The clinic lady was amused.

Dropped my admission forms off at the hospital today - strange sense of deja vu.

Have been a bit exercise crazy over the last few weeks - and while I still have the energy Im totally going with it!  Last week, managed 3 PT sessions, and quite a few walks.  This week, so far since Monday - 3 decent walks and 1 PT session with 2 more lined up this week.  Have definitely got my focus on, and better yet Im enjoying it.  Long may it last!

Now on the positive side - I have had some lovely comments over the last couple of days - these included:  Wow, your face looks a lot more skinny (x2), you look awesome, do you have any clothes that still fit?, You are doing so well, you should be really proud of yourself, and if you have lost this much on your own, imagine how much you are going to lose with the band - warm fuzzies - thanks guys and girls.

As said a couple of posts ago, here are some progress shots.  The yellow are from Week 1 pre-op, and the purple from Week 13, so just over 3 months progress.  I can't really see it in front of the mirror, but I do notice in the photos, and I guess in my clothes as well.

Unfortunately didnt get the same clothes for comparison this time, but you get the general trend.

10 sleeps to go :)


  1. Definitely starting to see some difference in those photos - particularly the top ones. You look way narrower.

  2. Your shoulders definately look narrower and you can see where the weight around the neck/collar bone/back has really come off. And every bit gone before surgery will make the recovery easier!

    Petone foreshore sounds nice, my daily walk is up the botanic garden...some smarty said to me the other day did I know there was a perfectly good cable car!