Friday, January 21, 2011

7 sleeps until surgery

Just a quick update:

Just weighed in a lost another 2 kilos (4.4lbs) !  weeeeeeeee!!!  Im very excited :)

So in total - thats 24.3 kilos lost = 53.5lbs - made it over the 50lb mark!

This week has been a little up and down.  I think I may have over done the exercise, just because my body is not taking in enough to always keep me going.  Im alright though.  It's a good tired, not a I just cna't be bothered tired.

So this week: 

Monday:  2 walks
Tuesday:  1 PT session, 1 walk
Wednesday:  Energy slump - day off - slept a lot, and felt a lot better for it.  Did go TV shopping with Kate so not a complete vege day.
Thursday:  1 PT session, 1 walk
Friday: 1 PT session, 1 walk.

Tomorrow, I head to Auckland for a few days to see my friends with their growing pregnant bellies. Hope they are having good hormone days ;)  It will be great to see them - too long between visits between us.  I guess that is what happens you all live in different parts of the country.  I see that we are going on a 2 hr nature walk - hope the weather is good for it.  Hope my fitness is up to scratch.

So as I do with my weight loss, I like to see what it equates to - so what does 24.3kgs/53.5lbs look like?

 This cute dog!
 The shipping weight of this outdoor furniture set

This hovercraft

 This fish!

7 sleeps until surgery day - the excitement builds :)


  1. Great job with your weight loss! So excited for you to have surgery. I know you will do fantastic!

  2. I like the way you're including photo's of items that weigh the same as what you've lost.. really puts it in perspective huh!

  3. You were carrying around a HOVERCRAFT on your back! Awesome. I like the set of outdoor furniture too.

    25kg is gonna be a great target to get.

  4. You are doing really well! You will fly through the surgery.

    Oh, was that you I saw at the surgeons office this morning? I had a fill appointment at 9.15am.

    If it was I was the one in black and red lazing on the couch catching up on my magazine reading - honestly it's the only chance I get to read magazines.

  5. Hi! Just found you through your comment on Mo's blog. I was reading your post and wondering how fast post op you were and then I read you havent had surgery yet!! Wow!

    You are doing so well!

    All the best for surgery xo