Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word of 2011

Arggghhhh the detox - week 1 of pre-op diet 2.  How soon one forgets the effects of it.

Within 2 days, my energy levels plummetted!   But due to heat - sleep still hard.  By Friday, I was sporting some pretty decent panda eyes.   Have been trying to keep up the exercise, but Fridays PT session was swapped for a sleep in.  I love sleep when I can get it.

Day 7 now, as long as I eat when I am meant to - things are getting better, and the energy levels are on the up!  In the week ahead, exercise every day no matter what.  Still on holiday for another 3 weeks so no excuse!

In a few blogs I have been reading, I noticed that people are chosing a:
Word Of The Year

I thought I would try this, actually harder than I thought.  So many words, but which one will drive me for the year?  Well this is it -

I thought about success, goal, determination, achievement etc but focus is what I need to get all of these.  Keep my eye on the prize as they would say and success will be mine.  That will be my 2011 :)

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