Friday, January 28, 2011

Allergy testing, and surgery day...take 2

The all important allergy testing finally arrived.  It suddenly sunk in that it was happening after arriving home from a fabulous mini break in Auckland with some awesome school friends who are both pregant at the moment.

I arrived at the hospital and I have to say the service was very prompt.  I got to see the specialist before the time I was due.  This is almost unheard of in the public system!

I was led down to the room for testing, walked through the door and saw this:

While I am not afraid of needles - this many and knowing they were going to be tested on me - just a little daunting.

Anyway after explaining what happened to cause the reaction and going through what would happen in the testing - it started.  The results were less than spectacular.  Below, you can see my back with each site circuled where a substance was tested - there were a lot!  The only one apparently showing a big reaction was the histamine control (which was meant to).  The suxamethonium only gave a small raise and a warm feeling, nothing else.  The tests were repeated twice more, and very little was seen.

So what did she get from that?  Well it confirmed what could be used, rather than what couldn't be used.  She also recommended instead of being injected through a line, the muscle relaxant should be put through an IV drip for more control. 

Result:  It is all go on Friday!   Got confirmation from the hospital, best wishes from the clinic, and all going well by about midday on Friday (today...just in NZ)  I will become a bandit!!!

I'm excited, a little nervous, but mainly over it and just want it down so I can get on with the post-op progress.  Thanks for all your support and comments, either here, facebook, texts, emails, or even in person.  All the support has made me feel very loved, and reading others blogs has been very insightful and inspiring.

I go into the op losing 25.2 kilos pre-op.  Apparently the surgeon is over the moon with the progress.  Yay!

So what weighs about 25 kilos?
 This rather large baby
This dog

This shark

The amount of weight Kelly Osbourne lost between these two pictures!

Next post should be brought to you POST OP  :)


  1. Good luck Cassie, you are in good hands and I am sure it will all go as smoothly as possible!

  2. Good luck Cassie, thinking about you today!

  3. I love your 25 kilos pictures :) Glad surgery went well and you're now on the other side!

  4. Wholly moley look at all those needles!