Monday, January 17, 2011

Another loss and general natter...

A few days later and a few less sleeps to go until surgery.  Today it marks 11 sleeps till surgery.  I am so fully ready for it.  I do have have a slight worry that something might come up in the allergy testing that cancels/postpones the surgery.  I really really really hope that doesn't happen - it would truly gut me.  I have come too far to have that sort of setback again.  I actually can't do anything about it though, so positive thinking.  I WILL be banded on the 28th!

Went into the clinic on Friday - such a feel good place.  Weighed myself on the scales there, and am a further 1.1 kilos down.  That brings me to 22.3 kilos lost :)

Have been pretty good with the exercise - went to the PT 3x last week. Hard core.  Ached a little, but must be getting fitter as Im doing higher speeds and inclines on the cross trainer.  It is really nice to be able to put extra effort into exercising.

Saturday went to the cricket for the afternoon - pretty chilled but mainly read my mag - which weirdly enough was full of weight loss stories and general body transformations (both good and bad).  I think I was meant to buy that mag.  When parking at the basin - parked up the hill in Mount Vic (free parking), didnt mind the hill and on return to the car was not even puffing when I reached the car - I was quietly chuffed :)
The only downer was the sunburn on my lower legs, and parts of my back where I either forgot to slip slop slap or thought wouldnt burn (my legs) - how I was wrong.  Two days later - still a bit of heat coming from the legs - I have learnt my lesson.  Very little ozone layer over NZ = sunburn in 10-20 minutes (Im not kidding!)

I have started looking through my clothes - there are a couple of items that are too big for me and many I have found that I either dont remember buying, or wonder what was I thinking.  Already two bags for the sallies, and a pile for Trade Me.  I did notice the following:

1)  I have a bad habit of buying things and never wearing them (found 2 items with tags still on them)

2)  I am a hoarder of clothes.....maybe this skirt will come back in fashion???

3)  I must love my 3/4 pants - I lost count of how many pairs I own (at least 5 pairs never worn)

4)  I also have many pairs of jeans which until Sunday must have barely ever thrown any out.  I threw 4 pairs.

5)  Black, black, black.

6)  There are also many clothes that need repairing (slight holes, hems etc)  - I just stopped wearing them, and then found them in the back of the wardrobe.

7)  I think my size at the moment is about a 26.  I think at the beginning of this journey I had got up to about a 30-32.  How did I let myself get so big like that?

8)  I own a lot of shoes - Im cool about that though  - shoes are awesome!

I look forward to when I can buy clothes in the 'normal' size section. 

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  1. Once you get down to a size 16 a whole new world of shopping will open up! Exciting. I think all your disposable income for the next year or so's gonna just be taken up down-sizing your wardrobe.

    I also look forward to a phone call or text from Ant saying the op went fine this time! You're so informed and brave about it all I just expect it to go swimmingly.