Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obesity Ad Campaign

Doctors want graphic ads, similar to pictures on cigarette packets, to be used n the fight against obesity.

When you think about the pictures on the cigarette packets - how effective are they?  Who is more offended by the pictures - Smokers or non - smokers??   While I am all for trying to reduce the obesity epidemic that is spreading throughout the western world - is this tactic really the answer???  How about prevention, education, compulsory PE and guidance in diets and lifestyle.  I mean if an alcoholic watched an ad with someone drinking a bottle of wine - would that put them off drinking??

I think the obesity problem is complex.  Just overeating and having a sedentary lifestyle is not all that can lead to obesity.  I would like to see some more 'positive' campaigns to deal with this growing problem.

While searching for the above report, I also found the following ad campaigns and posters:
 Thought this placement was ironic

 Back in the Stone Age this would have been useful

 Soft drink packs on the pounds

 Butter suicide bomb

The effect of processed foods 

Are parents part of the cause?

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  1. I think it's really important that it's empowerment rather than shame, because it is a psychological thing more than smoking, which is just addictive/chemical.

    And pressure should be put on corporations somehow - that's the root of a lot of evil. The way they put stuff on food to intentionally make you want to eat more, and they way they've upsized everything. I'm sure something could be regulated better.