Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back on the pre op diet wagon! Week 12 pre op

First week of January 2011 - Week 12 of the pre-op diet.  Tomorrow it is 6 weeks since the first op attempt.  This also means my cells are fully recharged and ready to react and deal with allergy testing.  Another small milestone.

Been back on the pre-op diet wagon since the second.  In the last couple of days, I have noticed the energy waning.  It does help immensely not being at work.  Im still gyming it - hope to lose at least a total of 20kilos by op time.  Still waiting to hear when that will be, hoping I will find out next week sometime.

So no carbs or any of the crap I ate over the festive period.  Good time for detoxing!

Trying the lemon mousse opti fast as something different.  Its ok - kind of like a cheesecake flavouring.  Still prefer the coffee and strawberry shakes and the bars though.  Also to note - in future be more organised and buy them from the clinic.  There is serious inflation when buying it from the chemist!

Holidays are full of events and social time - it does make the eating thing a bit harder.  Coffee's are fine - a trim mocha is fine as long as I give away the marshmellows/chocolate fish.  Today I felt victorious at Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay when after looking in the food cabinet and menu - there were no meals without carbs.  Even the cabinet salads were potato or pasta based.  However, I noticed a green salad, mushrooms and spinach on the side order menu.  So I combined them for my lunch - success!!!!

 Success!!  Green salad had sunflower seeds on it to - nice touch!

Trim mocha at Diamond Deli - Lyall Bay 

On the weight loss,  I have gained a little during Christmas.  I decided to delay weighing myself for at least a week so hopefully will see a good loss.  Hopefully, next week some energy will return :)

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