Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 11

Today I returned home to Windy, windy (did I mention windy) Wellington.  Hubby had told me about the previous weekend where he had to batten down everything as wind speeds were around 160km/hr.  Not a fan of that type of wind!

The plane ride was a little bumpy but reasonably uneventful.  Last night I finished my book Sugar - the Sweet Poison. - a very good read and says in lay mans terms how bad sugar - especially fructose is for you.  The guy that wrote it lost 40kg over 2 years by merely not eating foods/drinks that contained fructose.  He used the rule of thumb - if it tastes sweet - then it will probably contain fructose and don't eat it. I recommend it :)

Anyway - After a breakfast of eggs, bacon and mushrooms, I had a long black at the airport along with the inner meat part of a sausage roll - I was really hungry at this point - was the best I could do.  There was lots of veges in it though - was good.  Long black was alright - just average - not the best one I have had.  I tried a black coffee on the plane - still tastes pretty crap, but I had to try it!

Lunch I had when back in Wellington and caught up with Kate.  We went to Elements and I ordered a salad with greens, a sprinkle of feta, roasted grapes and figs oh and walnuts.  After not eating sugar in the last 11 days - I couldn't eat the figs - too sweet.  My tastebuds must be a little more sensitive or something?  The rest was alright along with the long black :)

Dinner and a movie was in order to catch up with hubby.  Went out to Two Black Sheep in Lower Hutt.  I had a calamari salad.  It was pretty good.  It was nice to have a salad with iceberg lettuce and ingrediants I would use at home.  Calamari was pretty good too, although the Customhouse still wins first place.  Just had water with it - made for a cheaper dinner in all :)

For the movie, saw Tin Tin - wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised!  A good movie :)  Had a long black which was gross, and bottled water to wash it down.

Off to the clinic to get a fill tomorrow and have a consult with the nurse.  Other thing is I have to get organised to make sure I can last the distance with food preparation.

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