Friday, January 27, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge - Day 18

Today was the first full staff day at school with meeting after meeting.  Did not seem to get any breaks - closest was 10 minutes to get a coffee.  It was to say the least Full On!  A little overwhelming after a long break.

Anyway - breakfast - scrambled eggs (3 eggs) plus coffee

Lunch - at 4pm - Tin tuna and salad (homemade)
Dinner - roast vege salad (seen below) - was delicious - put a little green curry paste and rosemary in the mix and was fab!  Nice and easy when I was just plain exhausted!

Drank a lot of water as well.  Had a couple of black coffees and a berry herbal tea.

So tired after school I fell asleep and napped  for a couple of hours!  I missed both evening gym classes, but once up again made effort to get the dogs to the beach for a walk- damn cold by this time but good to get out and move!

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