Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge - Day 3

A bit of travel today - from Wellington to Dunedin to see family and friends for a week.

How do I feel today?  Shattered!  More because of a late night hot water tank issue and having to get the plumber out - I would just like a good sleep!

At the airport today - I had another long black.  This one was pretty good - I think the brand was Bruno Rossi - favourite so far!

So here is the food rundown:

Black coffee

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with capsicum, mushroom and red onion.

Lunch - At airport - got a beetroot and carrot/ steamed mushroom salad (see pic) mix.  May have had a little vinegarette in it but also lots of coriander and sunflower seeds.  Was yum! plus the long black.

Dinner - 1 baked skinless chicken thigh and general salad (no dressing) - yum!

Drunk a fair bit of water and lemon zest/juice in water.  Loving that!

Achievement for me today - did not have the airplane lollies or the biscuit they give out on both the flights I went on - Felt good to say no.

Lets hope for a good sleep tonight.  At least for once I'm glad its raining and cooled down somewhat.

Exercise - Apart from walking all over Wellington and Christchurch airports - none.

While I already miss my hubby and dogs - there is one furry friend I have down here that loves the hugs!

Sam my parents dog


  1. It's powerful to say no, isn't it?!
    Have a great trip.

  2. Your parents' dog is too cute! You're doing great with the food! Keep it up!