Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 9

A beautiful sunny day in Dunedin today - Summer may be back hopefully for a bit longer than previous stinks over the last month.

Customhouse Quay with the cafe to the right.
I took Mum and Dad out to their favourite restaurant/cafe for brunch today.  I do find with all the catch ups that I do when I visit - eating out definitely increases!

Ma and Pa :)
Another long black - not bad, but not my fave.  I'm finding with this challenge I am definitely drinking more water - that has to be good right? I may even be getting properly hydrated now as Im pretty sure before I was not. 

For brunch - I got squid with pepper and other herbs and spics on it and salad - see below.  YUM!  Truly some of the best squid I have tasted and completely Whole9 OK!  

A great time was had by all - a good way to spend time with the parents.  From there, I caught up with my bestie, and we hit the shops sans children.  Again a fabulous time by all and we both got some fabulous bargains!  I seem to definitely be a 2XL now and it might not be too long until I'm in size 18 jeans (all NZ sizing).  Also interesting being with my friends and listening to others in the changing rooms is not matter what size we are - even if petite or what others consider 10/10, there seems to always be something we want to change.

With this way of eating - no bloatedness, and everyday feeling more energetic and alive.  It surprises me constantly how much food plays a part in how we feel and that some of the things we have for treats (or used to pre-band) are actually poison to us and make us feel blah.

Anyway - found another cafe and another long black - this was done on recommendation from a fellow Dunedin coffee drinker - called Modaks - and it did not fail.  Awesome.  And their long black had a twist!
Served with it was a small piece of lemon rind - the purpose you may ask?  To neutralise some of the bitterness of the coffee - GENIUS!  And of course for me being a Science teacher - I said ooohhh a brilliant Acid/Base reaction - I am a geek ;). But it worked a treat!

Random humping dinosaurs on the coffee table

Lots of shopping led to dinner - another Turkish meal (third one down here) - but again very good and this time being a different place the chicken was very tender and moist and super easy to eat.  We had a mixed grill. I left the pasta, tabouli, pita, and sauces but ate the salad and meat.  Yum!  Finished off with Turkish Apple tea :)

So the food has pretty much been summed up - I had a banana and a plum first thing, and some raw nuts as a bit of a snack.

Drinks - coffee and water

Exercise - walked the dog around the quay, and hit the pavement for a couple of hours while shopping - not hard core at all - but something.

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  1. You're doing really well with your food and looks like you're having a great trip!