Friday, January 20, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 12

A little bit of a lie in today - work starts back next week so Im now cherishing the chill out time.

I went into the clinic today, first time in a few months.  I had decided I needed a fill as Im having little restriction and am hungry.  I got .2mL fill.  I had a consult with the nurse about my eating, and told her I was doing the Whole9 30 Challenge.  Also that it was a form of Paleo eating.  She went all negative and said that it would mean that I was eating too much fruit.  I said I had to limit my fruit on the plan, and was having a banana usually in the morning along with some of the in season fruit at the moment.  I got told off big time.  Bananas are the worst fruit as they have the most fructose, so will make me gain weight.  I had recently read this in the Sweet Poison Book, but I thought that it would be alright for a kick start energy, but no - no more bananas!  I got the point.  Berries are a better alternative.  I also picked up a fill in menu planner that can help me become organised in food preparation.

However, a bonus - I had lost 5.4 kilos since Christmas Eve - pretty stoked with that.  I was down 0.8kilo from my last weigh in September.  So that is proof to me that with all the Christmas revelry, my changes with the Challenge are obviously working - yay!

A late breakfast of free range scrambled eggs with capsicum, mushrooms, and courgettes.  Feeling a little nauseated from getting the fill (I always feel that way for a few hours afterwards), the eggs were pretty good.  For lunch I made a beef stirfry using coconut oil - was really good.  It was one of those meals that I had to rummage through the freezer to avoid having something I was not allowed.  We need to do some shopping big time!

Anyway, was back to the gym today for a hard workout.  It was good.  Worked on bench press - achieving 50kilo for 3 reps, but then only got 1 lift at 52.5kilos. The workout was a killer, appropriately named Death by Push Up.  Do 1 push up in the first minute, 2 in the second minute and so on until you can't do all the press ups assigned in the minute.  Scaled with knees - made it to 17 plus 17 - almost to 18.  Pretty stuffed afterwards and arms are dead.  No pain - no gain though!

Lots of water was consumed - all day! No coffee though - not feeling the mood for caffiene!

Dinner was grilled steak and a lovely salad - very delicious!  Food always tastes great after the gym!

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