Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whole9 30 Day Challenge Day 4

Such a wonderful sleep! Where my Mum and Dad live it is so quiet.  There were no dogs to jump on me at 630am and no noise.  I slept until 930am - unheard of normally!

I'm finding since being on holiday, I'm starting the day with a banana, and then having more of a brunch at lunchtime then dinner.  The banana is easy to digest first thing as my band tends to feel tight and gives me a bit of a boost to get going.  From what I understand on the challenge I can have a little fruit but have to really limit it if I want to achieve weight loss.  So I will still have my banana, however will limit fruit to a maximum of 2 pieces per day.

So good start to the day.  Sleep is an amazing thing!  I caught up with my bestie Frances and her kids Otis and Isla today.  Great to see her.  The kids a growing so fast - times like that I wish I lived closer.  A cute pic of Isla and Sam (my parents dog) below.  Not much else to the day, a lot of chilling out and caught up more with the parents in the evening.

Food lowdown:

Breakfast:  Banana

Brunch:  Scrambled eggs with onion, grilled chicken, capsicum, mushroom and garlic

Dinner:  Beef Bolar roast with salad - To get this meat down, I had to put a little gravy on it to keep it moist.  Dry reach runs the risk of sticking - speaking here from prior experience, and Im not going there again!

Snack:  Small handful of raw walnuts (yum)

Discovered that in the world of instant coffee - Moccona medium roast tastes pretty good black.  Weird as when I tried it in the past with milk and sweetner, I hated it.  Perhaps it is best served black!

Still drinking the lemon water - loving that!

Exercise:  None - yeah I know lazy - well yep pretty much!  Waiting to the detox lethargy to turn into energy!  Maybe tomorrow :)


  1. So far, so good. I could use a good sleep...I'm way overdue. Keep it up!

  2. When I drink instant, that Moccona is totes the one I go for :-)